Miley Cyrus – She Can’t Stop and Why We’re Not Shocked.

James Dix

Miley Cyrus burst her bubblegum pop image and entered the UK charts at number one with her single ‘We Can’t Stop’.

Global shock resulted from a viral video of Cyrus twerking and her constant gyrating in her new music video. The twenty year old is most famous for her acting work as Disney’s Hannah Montana and has been ripping her clothes off, and with it her old persona.

It might all seem very sudden but Cyrus has been progressing in this direction for a while.


Rock Mafia

Miley Cyrus has worked closely with Rock Mafia for some of her biggest songs. These song writers were behind some of her highest charting UK singles ‘Can’t be Tamed’ and ‘See You Again’.

In 2012, she worked on one of their singles originally titled ‘Pimps and Hoes’, but renamed to ‘Morning Sun’. As the original title suggests, the song is not very innocent.

“Girl on my lap,

Bottle of Patron.

Do a little dance and watch it grow.

Girl that’s not my-my microphone.”

Before this she was in their music video for ‘The Big Bang’ further back in 2010. In the video she co-stars with Kevin Zegers, who played Gossip Girl bad boy Damien Delgaard. He looks a little like Zac Efron, but it is hard not to be distracted by Cyrus’s very long black boots.


When Thor’s younger brother proposes to you, you say yes. No, not Loki. Liam Hemsworth who plays Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games popped the question.

Hemsworth and Cyrus worked together in The Last Song and repeated the exercise in the music video for ‘Decisions’ by Borgore featuring Miley.

The lyrics here are just as filthy as ‘Morning Sun’:

‘I wanna girl, I get her. And I get her friend.

Five girls singing in my bedroom, start my own band.’

The video features a lot of cake throwing, not dissimilar to the meat piñata in ‘We Can’t Stop’.

Rapping it up

Cyrus has left Hollywood Records, which helped her start her music career, and has joined up with RCA Records, working with Pharrell Williams and Hit-Boy.

Pharrell’s tweets show that they have become close working on the album.

“@Pharrell: My little sis’ Chanel jacket is so serious. @mileycyrus”

No more songs about ‘7 Things’ she hates about Nick Jonas then.

Cyrus collaborated with Snoop Lion on his track ‘Ashtrays and Heartbreaks’ from his album Reincarnated.  The song missed out on chart success, but reggae tends not to sell well.

Love the skin you’re in

Miley won the Candie’s Trendsetter Award at The 2013 Teen Choice Awards. Her image change has turned her into a high fashion hipster.

She has recently posed naked for a t-shirt with a slogan covering her modesty, ‘Love the Skin you’re in’. The t-shirts are being sold by Marc Jacobs at the Mayfair shop in London.

Cyrus also poses in next to nothing in Big Sean’s video for his fourth single ‘Fire’ from his album Hall of Fame. The track has an addictive sound and shows off Miley’s bloom into womanhood and her underboob.

The Climb

It is clear that Miley is confident in herself. Recently firing back at racial comments she tweeted ‘i (sic) know what color my skin is.’

She is twerking her way to the top and she can’t stop.

We have been witness to many seemingly innocent stars like Britney or Christina who have a rebellious phase and leave their clean images behind to grow with their audiences. So don’t be surprised by what Miley does next, she’s just going through a phase.

Cyrus’s new album Bangerz will be released on October 8th, according to her twitter.

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