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Ms Mr are a New York based electro duo made up of Lizzy Plapinger (MS) and Max Hershenow (MR). Their infectious baroque pop has gained them deserved attention as well as an elusive support spot for Britain’s latest breakthrough act, Bastille. This is how I discovered them whilst watching the band perform in Birmingham. The likeable duo captivated the audience with their dramatic and anthemic set list and from this EP it is clear to see that they have the substance to support the style.

The Candy Bar Creep Show is a strong indication of the band’s musical preference and the direction of their debut album which will be released on the 14th of May. Opening with the canticle ‘Bones’, the haunting melody compliments Lizzy’s commanding vocal, whilst the layering and production adds a sense of menace, merging dream pop with high drama. Lead single ‘Hurricane’ has a rhythmic bridge so infectious you will be humming it throughout your day whether you like it or not. More shimmering production creates a powerful statement of what pop music can be; constructed and detailed with a true sense of personality.

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The band have such a charismatic and charming stage presence, it seems obvious that this is reflected in the EP. They are playful and ooze personality whilst performing, which helps them engage with an audience. This is a priceless skill when you’re a support act and saw them gain further exposure on their recent tour of the UK. The synth heavy ‘Dark Doo Wop’ follows the epic, dark formula of ‘Bones’, with added gothic drama the track still remains true to the band’s indie styling. ‘Ash Tree Lane’ is slightly more laboured than the other three tracks, perhaps lacking in the creativity in terms of song-writing, yet it shares the accomplished production and remains consistent to the EP’s high standard finish.

I am really excited for Ms Mr, they are ready made indie rock stars. Their lyrics and subject matter is intelligent, their instrumentals and production are highly skilled and the stage presence and charisma will set them up fantastically. They have just finished a successful run at Texas’ SXSW festival and they will be returning to the UK over the summer. A performance at Live at Leeds has already been confirmed whilst I’m sure many others will soon be announced. Their latest single ‘Fantasy’ is also available through iTunes.

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