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Diana Vickers constantly amazes me. With a number one album, three top 40 hits (including a number one), two successful fashion collections for website Very, and an award-winning stint on the West End, she casually posts on her Twitter account that she’s starring in a film with Clint Eastwood’s son, appearing as a principle in high-profile Sky comedy series Give Out Girls and that her second album drops in September – it seems that nothing phases the girl and that nothing is unachievable.

Of course we all knew Vickers as the innocent, bare-footed, hair-twirling sixteen year old from the X Factor who has set the standard for any entry with a unique voice ever since – there’s always one act a year who’s classed a ‘Diana Vickers copy’ – but she has grown up in front of our eyes to become this energetic, personality filled pop star who’s striving to bring eighties vibes back into fashion.

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Whilst her first album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree consisted of a collection of different styles, all showcasing her quirky tones to perfection, her sophomore LP Music To Make Boys Cry is two and a half years in the making and displays a more mature Vickers who knows exactly which direction she wants her music to go in. With each track having been co-penned by the artist herself, MTMBC is the personal album we’ve all been waiting for and is surely a collection of songs Vickers can be proud of.

Having always cited Blondie, Madonna and Kylie as influences, Vickers really feeds off them and puts her own spin on these ten songs, creating modern pop classics with a strong eighties vibe. The album opens with new single and titular track ‘Music To Make Boys Cry’, a demo of which Vickers premiered on her website almost two years ago, which has been spruced up and polished into a sure-fire hit. It’s in this kind of song I enjoy Diana most: a mid-tempo pop song with clever lyrics, a catchy beat and stunning vocals. It boasts a self-empowering message about not wanting to spend her life waiting on a man to complete her, instead she wants to have fun on her own and make those boys cry. The video for this track is also pretty fun, showing Vickers throwing herself a party. Followed by lead-single ‘Cinderella’ in which Vickers states she would give up her shoes for a man in an incredibly catchy manor, the ‘single portion’ of the album is over and the fun begins.

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I think we’re all sick of the token ballad that’s usually hurriedly shoved in the middle of pop albums these days, but the only ballad-type song on MTMBC is sultry, electro-spiced ‘Smoke’ which is one of my personal favourites on the album. The track is powerful and emotion-filled, whilst still appearing danceable and showcasing her amazing vocals. This track could be another new direction for Vickers in the future – possibly an Ellie Goulding ‘I Need Your Love’ style selection of songs for album number three?

Another highlight on the album has to be ‘Lightning Strikes’. This is one of those songs I will find myself dancing to, headphones in, walking down the street and not care if anybody’s watching. If I don’t hear this at least once on a night out I’m not going to be happy with the DJ. Paired with sexy, bi-lingual ‘Better In French’ which makes me want to strip off and go running down the banks of the Seine, Vickers sure has some high-class material on this album.

With plenty of Parisian, tequila drinking references throughout the album it sounds as if Vickers has had fun writing and recording her return to the music charts and it’s certainly turned out a high-class effort. With the weakest track ‘Mr. Postman’ still having a replay factor (and I think it’ll grow on me too), Music To Make Boys Cry deserves to be incredibly successful. I’m a huge fan of the newly matured, eighties-vibe Vickers and can’t wait for her next endeavour – who knows what she’ll get up to next!

‘Music To Make Boys Cry’ is out on CD and Deluxe iTunes MP3 now!

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