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Looking back on our old crushes from television past can be just as much fun as wondering what the heck happened to those stars of the silver screen long forgotten. So it was that this week I found myself looking up a not so golden oldie as I wound my way back to the late 90’s for one Nate Richert, better known perhaps for his role as Harvey Kinkle in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

As Harvey, Richert was the quintessential boy next door. Totally loveable, a little bit dim but ultimately a kind hearted soul and a model boyfriend to series protagonist Sabrina. It also helped that he was totally easy on the eye and had something of a fluffy puppy look about him that was both endearing and wistfully interesting. So what happened to that loveable all american boy?


Well turns out he got into music and had something of an image change!

Richert is now an musician specialising in bluegrass style music in Minnesota having left acting behind after a series of forgettable roles in even more forgettable films. While it is true the cute as a button football player that we remember from our childhood has changed quite a lot, we are pleased to see he has found his calling in life in music and we have to hand it to him, it was surprisingly catchy.

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Did you guys know Harvey from Sabrina the Teenage Witch had a musical nature? Go to his website on www.naterichertmusic.com to have a listen to some of his tracks and see Richert can be the soundtrack to your life.

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