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This might seem like something of an odd look up, after all Will Wheaton has not really dropped off the face of the world like some of the other people we have been looking for. That said though we have to admit that we were curious to see what more the young actor has been up to since his days as the child savant of Star Trek.

Some people loved him and some people hated him, but it was hard to deny that Will Wheaton’s Wesley Crusher was a powerful presence in Star Trek: The Next Generation. With his boyish good looks and sweet nature he captured the hearts of softer fans, while also showing a rare point of view of a future from a younger perspective which handnt been seen in the original series of Star Trek. He was not necessarily everyones cup of tea but Wheaton’s role as Crusher caught a great deal of attention from fans. But what came next for Wheaton?


It seems there was a fair bit. While Wheaton is probably still best known for his time on the Enterprise, Wheaton has continued to act in a number of different films and TV shows. In particular he has been lending his voice to a number of animated shows and several guest spots in a number of hot US Imports. Similarly who could forget Wheaton lampooning himself in his several guest roles in The Big Bang Theory, often hilariously clashing with series star Sheldon Cooper.

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Beyond acting Wheaton has also become something of a modern day geek savant – taking appearing at like table top gaming events and even in comics and even a column or two in various publications and even publishing his own memoirs. With all this under his belt Wheaton has still showed no signs of slowing down and we can’t wait to see what is next for the former Mr Wesley Crusher.

Were you a fan of Mr Crusher, or do you prefer the older more mature Will Wheaton?

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