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Another great, albeit troubling, episode shows that this is shaping up to be the best season yet. Here are the top 10 moments from ‘Breaker of Chains’:


Breaker of Chains

1 - Dany

Badass Dany arrives in Meereen and delivers another (!) epic speech. It’s what she’s become known for. But the entire scene (from that stunning sweeping shot of the city, to the barrels of chains smashing upon the city’s walls) is gorgeous to behold. The music and set-up of the Unsullied was slightly reminiscent of Star Wars, but it helped to solidify the threat that Dany actually poses. And that was with no dragons in sight!

Ygritte is pissed

2 - Wildlings

The Wildling attack on the village near Castle Black was a rather gruesome affair. More blood was shed; more torture was inflicted upon children. Styr the Thenn NEEDS to die now, after telling that poor boy he was going to EAT his parents. Seriously! But this short scene showed what a force the Wildlings are, and it’s a teaser of what’s to come…

Everybody wants Oberyn

3 - Oberyn

Can I just say what everyone is thinking – Oberyn is my new favourite character. He’s very easy to like, and every scene he’s been in so far has been a delight to watch. Ellaria once more didn’t do much, but I get the feel she will be able to sooth his anger should it burst forth, as it nearly did so when Olyver said Ellaria was an acquired taste. Oberyn can go from playful flirting to bitter rivalry in a blink of an eye, but will he really side with Tywin? And when will he finally meet the Mountain?

Sansa Escapes

4 - Sansa escapes


Seriously though, I have been waiting for near three seasons for this to happen and we finally get to see Littlefinger’s long plan begin to play out. Littlefinger is always great to watch, as you never can quite tell what it is he’s up to or where his loyalties lie. Does he want Sansa all to himself, or does he have a bigger plan? And will Sansa finally be able to smile?

Twincest turns even more wrong… if that’s possible!

5 - Twincest

Everyone is pissed that our newly crowned favourite character went and did something to fuck off every single fan. He raped Cersei. It’s quite a change from the novel, and one which no one seems happy with. Cersei was quite clearly saying no – she had just seen her son murdered, for Christ sake! And to do that when your dead son is lying on the table in front of you… Jaime. Such a fall from grace. As terrible an act as it was, I think the showrunners changed it to show how despicable Jaime really can be (everyone seems to have forgot that he once pushed a kid out of a window, and that he fathered three children to his SISTER) and, despite her hard and callous outer shell, how vulnerable Cersei is. She’s just lost her son. But I don’t think Jaime is every going to be able to come back from this.


6 - Arya and The Hound

How amazing are Arya and the Hound together?! Arya acting as his daughter to receive hospitality from a farmer and his daughter was a delight to watch, and the scene was full of hilarious moments. From them both eyeing the stew, to the Hound’s way with words. Please can we have more little scenes like this?

Tywin and Tommen

7 - Tywin and Tommen

Lena Heady was amazing in this episode and you could tell that she was very uncomfortable with Tywin’s presence when she was looking upon her dead son. But as a king dies, another must take his place and Tommen (who seems to have aged around 5 years in-between seasons… the new actor to take on the role is just too old!) looks ready to take the throne. Tywin excels in every scene he’s in.

Tyrion bids farewell to Podrick

8 - Tyrion and Pod

Surprisingly the little scene between Tyrion and Pod was rather tender. Tyrion has no allies left but his brother. This is why, I think, the showrunners changed the sex scene between Jaime and Cersei – in the books we experience their thoughts and feelings first hand and therefore their break-up is more believable, whereas in the show I think it would be harder to understand. They’ve spent the best part of two seasons pining for one another so why would they break up when they’ve just been reunited? Oh, because Jaime raped her. See, there’s logic there somewhere. Twisted logic, but logic nonetheless. And if Jaime and Cersei are at war with one another, it’s more understandable why Jaime would help Tyrion.

Sam stops himself from saying “I love you”

9 - Sam and gilly

We get another tender scene between Sam and Gilly, but does anyone else think it’s hilarious that Sam thinks Gilly will be safer in a whorehouse than at Castle Black? They’ve just got to hook this pairing up, somewhere down the line. It’s been hinted at for so long!


10 - K-niggit

Not much happens at Dragonstone (again) and Stannis’ line really hits home: if he doesn’t make his claim to the throne soon then everybody is going to forget who he is. Similarly, if Stannis doesn’t actually do ANYTHING in the show then none of the fans are going to remember who the fuck he is either! But don’t worry, that’s all about to change soon… And can I just point out – how hilarious is the word “k-niggit”?!

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