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BEWARE: SPOILERS (and a picture of a man getting stabbed in the head).

This is really shaping up to be the best season yet of Game of Thrones but I do wish the show runners would utilise other characters more often. We’ve barely seen the likes of Varys, Theon, Stannis and Missandei and with only five episodes remaining (!) we’re running out of time to revisit them. Oh, and does anyone even remember Gendry, who was made to be a big deal last season and then just vanished?

Bran sees Jon

1- Bran and Jon

Perhaps unsurprisingly Bran and Jon’s reunion doesn’t happen as Jojen persuades him to carry on his journey to the mystical hearttree (if we visit the hearttree this season Bran’s book story will have come full circle for the time being, meaning everything next season will be entirely new. Cue the angry rants!). It makes sense, but it was still heart wrenching to hear Bran calling out Jon’s name as he helplessly dragged himself across the ground. It was a real will-they-won’t-they moment that brought some real emotion to the stunning fight scene and it was just horrible to see them so close to being reunited.

Hodor (Hodor!) is EPIC

2 - Hodor

Bran had a really good week because my once least favourite character dominates the two top places in this weeks’ list. Bran wargs into Hodor (Hodor!) and thankfully kills Locke before Locke manages to do away with Bran. It’s epic to see Hodor being brutal and doing something completely out of character, but the look of pain on his face when he has his own mind back and realises he’s just killed someone is also heart wrenching. Hodor’s had a pretty rough couple of weeks. Poor Hodor.

Sansa’s happiness is short lived

3 - Sansa

Sansa is free! And safe in the Eyrie with her family. That mean’s she’ll be happy now, right? WRONG! It is so nice to see Sansa finally smiling again as she is regaled with stories of her deceased mother and feasts on cakes and sweets but her aunt turns cray-cray (again) and accuses her of sleeping with Petyr. Once more cue the crying, but Sophie Turner is sublime in this scene.

Cersei is uncharacteristically vulnerable

4 - Cersei

In another out of character moment, Cersei shows a softer side throughout this episode, giving the fantastic Lena Headey something else to do, and boy does she do it well. Cersei first tells Margaery that she can marry the newly crowned king, Tommen, before admitting that Joffrey was a horrible little bastard, and lamenting the loss of her daughter (who everyone had forgotten about anyways) to Oberyn. She’s clearly trying to get Oberyn to side with her in Tyrion’s trial, but I suspect she has a trick up her sleeve with the gift she wants to send Myrcella.

Jon claims the best kill of the season

5 - Jon

The entire ten minute sequence at the episodes close is stunning to watch and it had me holding my breath quite a few times. Karl Owen Harper is finally slain just as he’s about to kill one of Craster’s daughters. And how is he killed? A sword through his head. It’s a gloriously gruesome scene that rivals the Hounds multiple kills in the first episode and it’s nice to see Jon actually doing something this week, rather than moping around with his permanent scowl. Seriously, smile dude!

Lysa screams

6 - Lysa

Lysa and Robin return from season one and are both still creepy as fuck. And we also learn the answer to one of the shows longest running mysteries (that everyone had forgotten anyway). Lysa, at the behest of Petyr, murdered her husband Jon Arryn, whose death sparked the entire story in the first place! Thank you Petyr, for without you we’d have nothing to obsess over. But how funny was the scene where Lysa begged Petyr to marry her that night, before opening the door and carrying out the wedding then and there! Oh, and Lysa screams. Boy does she scream.

Pod becomes even more likable

7 - Pod

Comic relief comes from the mismatched pairing of Pod and Brienne, but it was so thrilling to see Pod admitting to killing a man. Before that Brienne resented him, but upon leaning he’d killed before she relents and receives help from him. I can tell already I’m going to enjoy this pairing. Pod is just brilliant!

Dany’s reign begins

8 - Dany

Dany decides to stay in Meereen and reign as Queen, stating that if she cannot control one city how can she expect to control the seven kingdoms. It’s justifiable and completely in character but I know some are going to complain about her stalling story. And to them all I have to say is two words: Daznak’s Pit. Just wait until this chapter is depicted onscreen, it is going to go down as the greatest moment in Game of Thrones history, seriously. It’s epic to say the least.

Cersei has a drink. Again

9 - Cersei drinks

Staying in character this time, Cersei has another (!) drink as she meets with her father. I found it hilarious that she suggested they wait until Tommen and Margaery grieve for Joffrey before marrying. Because yeah, sure, two weeks will be more than enough time for that! I kid. But seriously, is Cersei actually going to go ahead and marry Loras? I predict no, and I predict the death of Loras, unfortunately. There’s just no way Cersei is going to marry him, not if she doesn’t want to. And can I just say, I cannot wait to see Cersei’s penance walk. Book fans, you know what I mean.

Arya adds more names to her list

10 - Arya

Arya adds yet more names to the list of people she hopes to kill. Not much happens between these characters this week but the Hound’s face is hilarious when he hears his name. With Arya heading to the Vale, will a reunion occur between her and Sansa? I desperately want that to happen, but after what happened between Bran and Jon I predict no.

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