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Beware, spoilers.

The Laws of Gods and Men’ was another slow-burning episode of Game of Thrones but a lot happened, and we revisited some characters that have been a bit missing of late. Varys was hands down the star of the episode.


Varys and Oberyn trade barbs

1 - Varys and Oberyn

Varys actually did something this week and additionally he actually spoke! He is a fan favourite so I don’t understand why the powers that be don’t give him more to do. The highlight of episode 6 is Varys’ and Oberyn’s conversation in the Throne Room, which reminded me of Vary’s conversation with Petyr way back in season one where he delivered the single best quote in Game of Thrones history: “Do you spend a lot of time wondering what’s between my legs?” This time round Oberyn is trying to seduce Varys and, in a hilarious turn, is genuinely surprised by Varys’ admission that he isn’t sexually interested in men. But why is he trying to seduce him? I think Oberyn was attempting to get Varys to side with Tyrion, but time will tell. GIVE VARYS MORE TO DO.

Drogon is hungry for goat

2 - Drogon

Wow, what a scene! The CGI was gorgeous and the dragon looked incredibly realistic. Here we see Dany’s dragons wreaking more havoc as Drogon butchers a goat herder’s cattle and flies off for supper. Dany is seriously going to have reign in her children!

The trial

3 - Tyrion

Similar to episode two, we finish this episode with an extended visit to Kings Landing as we see Tyrion’s trial acted out. I’m glad that his trial wasn’t dragged out over several episodes as I feared it would be. Lena Headey was sublime again as she lamented the loss of Joffrey, and Sibel Kekill was brilliant as she betrayed both Tyrion and Sansa. It’s understandable why she’s done so though. I did warn Tyrion to beware a pissed off whore. But is Shae working for someone else? I think non book readers are going to be INCREDIBLY shocked…

The Small Council

4 - Small Council

This scene was pure gold as four of my favourite characters shared the screen. Oberyn was hilarious (again!) as he regaled his tales of the Unsullied, saying that they were good in the battlefield but no so good in the sack! But should Dany be worried? No. The Small Council has been discussing murdering her since season one and have only attempted to do so once. Jorah has been confirmed as a spy but we know he’s now siding with Dany. But will Dany be so forgiving should she find out?

Theon is dead. Reek reeks (and needs a bath)

5 - Theon and Yara

It was so nice to see Theon Reek and Asha Yara Greyjoy reunited, even if it was only for the briefest of moments. But Theon is a complete wreck and he has descended into a dog, hiding in a kennel as an inevitable fight breaks out. Whilst this doesn’t occur in the books, it was needed in the programme to make Yara’s coming storyline more believable and understandable. As I’ve argued before we don’t get to experience the characters’ thoughts and feelings in Game of Thrones, so sometimes scenes like these are needed to bridge the gaps.

Tyrion gives a motherfucking mesmerising speech

6 - Speech

Tyrion may not be my favourite character, and Peter may be incredibly over appreciated (in my opinion anyway), but there is no denying how stunning he was in the final moments of this episode. Just wow, seriously. All of Tyrion’s pent up anger spilled forth as he demanded a trial by combat. Just who will fight for Tyrion, and will he be freed or killed? Let’s just say, as ever, more death is coming. And boy is it going to shock you…

Dany councils Meereen

7 - Dany

These scenes of Dany counselling Meereen are brilliant in the novel and, so far, have transcended quite well onto the programme. We first see the goat herder paid threefold for Drogon’s feast (which unfortunately won’t be Drogon’s only luncheon that Dany has to pay in kind for…) and then we are formally introduced to Hizdahr zo Loraq, who may appear on first impressions to be likable but who will become a complete arsehole in time. But he’s going to be important to Dany’s story.


8 - Braavos

Stannis and Davos return this episode and venture to Braavos, which is gorgeously realised on screen. Like seriously – that opening, sweeping shot was stunning to behold. I can’t wait to explore more of this city, and it just so helps that one of our favourite characters will soon be relocating there… But more on that when it occurs. Here Davos successfully negotiates money from the Iron Bank of Braavos as Stannis’ storyline finally picks up speed. He’s going to be important come the season’s end.

Jaime becomes heir to the Lannister dynasty

9 - Jaime

Again we see some brotherly love between Jaime and Tyrion and Jaime makes an agreement with Tywin to give up his place on the Kingsguard and become heir to Casterly Rock and the Lannister lineage and sire an heir if Tywin will let Tyrion live. The pact is in vain, what with Tyrion’s final outburst, but it’s still nice to see Jaime siding with Tyrion over the death of his own son. He loves his brother. All together now: awww.

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