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Not a great deal happened in ‘Mockingbird’ but a lot of characters became positioned perfectly for their pivotal roles in the upcoming slaughter. And I mean slaughter. Expect at least 4 fan favourite characters to die come the seasons end…

‘Mockingbird’ was a very slow episode, but persevere through it, because the final three episodes will be stunning.

  1. Lysa flies

1 - Lysa Flies

She first appeared in season one for a few episodes before vanishing and everyone forgot her. But Lysa Arryn returned this season only to die an episode later, after being ruthlessly pushed from the moon door to break on the rocks below. It was a gorgeously subtle scene – all of the core cast were on top form and, despite the omission of the infamous “Only Cat” line from Petyr, the scene was everything I (as a book reader) imagined it to be and more. In a similar vein to Arya’s revenge on Polliver in ‘Two Swords’, this was a fan favourite scene from the books which readers couldn’t wait to see enacted on screen, and boy did it deliver. It deviated somewhat though, so even book readers are left wondering just how Petyr is going to get out of this one…

  1. “I will be your champion”
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2 - Champion

Oberyn continues to steal every scene he stars in and he didn’t disappoint here. He tells Tyrion he will serve as his champion to fight the Mountain (who’s been recast again) and enact revenge on his sisters killers. Both Pedro and Peter played off against one another fantastically, and Tyrion managed to break viewer’ hearts once more as Oberyn told him just how long his sister had been a bitch for. Cersei is a character we love to hate, but Tyrion is someone who ee love to love, and to see him pained brought a tear to many-a-eye. Give Peter another Emmy already!

  1. Dany is horny

3 - Dany

Dany’s story spirals dangerously close to her culmination in the fifth book as she gets down and dirty with Daario, but I can’t be the only one to be disappointed we didn’t see some steamy sex. There’s been a distinct lack of flesh this season (in comparison to previous seasons, anyway). The Sons of the Harpy haven’t appeared yet, and we need some serious action in Meereen so hopefully they’ll pop up soon. But as I stressed a couple weeks back, preserve through Dany’s somewhat lagging storyline this season because Daznak’s pit promises to appear in season 5, and boy is it going to be fucking beautiful. Seriously.

  1. Bron and Tyrion *SOB*

4 - Tyrion and Bron

Another beautiful little scene for Tyrion here as he bids farewell to another of his friends. You get a real sense of closure this season for Tyrion as though he’s not going to see Pod or Bron again. It was nice to see Tyrion and Bron express their liking for one another, but I do wonder where they can take the character of Bron now. He’s nothing without Tyrion. Maybe he should be retired…

  1. “Winterhell”
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5 - Winterhell

A little scene that will mean nothing to the viewer’s really, but Sansa building a snow version of Winterfell was a gorgeous extract from A Storm of Swords and it was spine-tingling to see it on screen. The emotion was there alright. Sansa has really come into her own this season and her storyline is one of the best right now.

  1. Hot Pie

6 - Hot Pie

And so begins Brienne’s dire storyline. It’s boring at best in the novels as she travels Westeros in search for Sansa, but it does culminate in a fantastic ending (well, so far anyway, until the sixth book is released) so stick with it. It was nice to see Hot Pie return (unnecessary, yes, but it was still fan pleasing anyway!) and it’s nice to see Brienne has begun to warm to Pod. Who couldn’t love that adorable squire?

  1. Another excuse for Melisandre to bare all

7 - Melisandre

There’s a sense that Stannis’ storyline is picking up speed (finally), even if he doesn’t actually appear this week. As such the criminally underused Melisandre appears (naked, again!) as she baths before Shireen, instructing her of the upcoming battle and the need for Selyse to come with. Again, not much happens, but do preserve. It’s going to get bloody.

  1. Arya adds and deletes a name from her list

8 - Arya

Another story which is beginning to lag now as the showrunners drag it out somewhat. Just get Arya to the House of the Black and White already! But, it was nice to see her continue her ruthless streak. Killing has no effect upon her now. Similarly, the scene with her and the Hound discussing the Hound’s injuries was nice, even if it brought nothing to the overall storyline.

  1. An unwelcome return
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9 - Jon

As with pretty much most of this episode’s stories, not much happens at the Wall but it is building up to something exciting: the dreaded ninth episode. You just know it’s going to be incredible.

A side note

Side Note

As a side note I just wanted to briefly mention the most awkward and creepy kiss EVER: that of Sansa and Petyr. Just no, seriously. I cringed so fucking much. I don’t blame Lysa for being angry.

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