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Well, that two week wait was certainly worth it, if only to ready ourselves for the bloody ending to ‘The Mountain and the Viper’. Overall this was a stunning episode, perfectly setting most characters up for their concluding storylines in two weeks’ time. Next week, the dreaded nine, will be set entirely at the Wall. Expect a battle to rival Blackwater, and death to rival the Red Wedding…

1 - Mountain and Viper

The Mountain and the Viper

What an ending. The entire sequence was entirely flawless, from the (literally) bone crunching sound of Oberyn’s skull crushing, Cersei’s look of smugness, Jaime’s shock, Tywin’s triumph, Ellaria’s blood-curdling scream and finally Tyrion’s utter disbelief. As a book reader I knew this heart-breaking sequence was coming but I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be that… bloody. The entire fight was stunning also, with Oberyn goading the Mountain over and over, desperate for a confession. The Mountain delivered as he caved Oberyn’s skull in, so expect more animosity between the Martell’s and the Lannister’s. Can we just take a moments silence to lament the loss of the gorgeously addictive Oberyn. RIP sir, you shall certainly be missed. Just how is Tyrion going to get out of this latest sentence to death? Or will he actually die? Let’s just say a lot more death is coming to King’s Landing…

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2 - Sansa

Sansa. Fucking. Stark.

Can I just reaffirm my love for Sansa first? Her storyline this season has been brilliant, and Sophie Turner has been fucking stunning throughout. Her acting was on top form here as she lied to the people of the Vale, and Turner deserves to be laden with awards for her role this season. Sansa chose to help Littlefinger, because as creepy as that kiss was, without him she’d still be in King’s Landing awaiting trial for Joffrey’s death. She’s come a long way in such a short period of time. Let’s just hope she can get some happiness eventually.

3 - Jorah

Jorah the spy

Jorah’s unveiling as a double agent was shocking in the novels, but it wasn’t in the programme. We’ve known for a long time that Jorah has been spying on Dany, even if it wasn’t explicitly shown. The Small Council made frequent reference to their spy amongst Dany’s ranks and Jorah has been with her since day one – who else would it be? As Dany said, Jorah knew about the poisoned wine. Varys informed the Small Council way back in season one that he had Mormont spying on his behalf. So it’s come as no shock. What does is the pain that Dany feels. It’s very easy to hear the iciness of her voice as she refuses to even look Jorah in the face. It’s a blow, to both Dany and the viewers who have watched this pairing blossom since the first episode. So Jorah has been exiled (again). But in a show which brought back Hot Pie for no apparent reason than it simply could, don’t be surprised to see Jorah reappear next season in someone else’s storyline…

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4 - Wildlings

The Wildlings attack Mole’s Town

The Wildling’s attack on Mole’s Town served two purposes: to move the storyline in order for the dreaded ninth episode to take place, and to remind viewers of how ruthless the Wildling’s are. They tore through Mole’s Town in a matter of moments, slaughtering everyone in sight. But Ygritte spared Gilly… is there still hope for Ygritte? Could she swap sides? And what will become of Gilly? You just know that the next episode is going to be fucking stunning.

5 - Cailin

Moat Cailin

Surprise, surprise, Ramsay Snow Bolton was a cunt (again) to Reek Theon. As in the books, Theon effectively is no longer a character in this show. He’s a plot device to move the story forward and there seems to be no going back. It’s heart-breaking to see, but that is the lore of Game of Thrones after all. Theon’s façade almost shattered in Moat Cailin before he was rescued by one of the Iron Born. Alfie Allen’s acting has greatly improved since season one.

6 - Arya

Arya’s laugh

It was so strange to hear Arya laughing again after so long. But of course she would laugh, simply at the irony of the situation. It’s a repeat of the Red Wedding again. Arya comes so close to family before having it cruelly snatched away. But where does this leave Arya? Will she reunite with Sansa? I guess no. After all, the House of the Black and White looms before her.

7 - Tyrion

Tyrion sentenced to death

Tyrion is sentenced to death (again) but the most shocking part of this segment is the look upon Tyrion’s face. It’s utter disbelief mixed with shock and despair. He’s done for.

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8 - Grey Worm

Missandei and Grey Worm

Is this storyline really necessary? Admittedly no. But it is sweet, and I have a feeling that it’s going to blossom into something rather special next season. Perhaps Grey Worm’s despair at not being able to, ahem, perform? But it helps to flesh out the secondary characters in Dany’s storyline (and after Jorah’s exiling, the secondary characters are all we have left in Meereen for the time being) and make the viewer empathise with them more.

9 - Winterfell


Not particularly shocking, but seeing the husk of Winterfell in the distance reminded the viewers of how far this programme has come since season two. Winterfell and the Starks are no more, but surely the Bolton’s won’t hold the castle forevermore?

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