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A bit of a slow-burning episode, ‘Oathkeeper’ trundled along somewhat until the glorious end. Quite a lot was changed from the books, but the show has to adapt because of George RR Martin’s leisurely writing.


Craster’s son turns cold

1 - Baby

Once again the best scene is saved for the end. In quite a deviation from its source material, Game of Thrones actually showed us more of the White Walkers than we’ve ever explored in the books, and what a chilling scene it is. I thought it was horrendous enough to watch a baby crying in agony when abandoned in the snow but to actually see Craster’s son’s POV sent goosebumps hurtling down my spine. And then that final shot of the baby’s eyes turning blue… Will the baby grow, or is he destined to be a baby Walker for all of eternity? The entire scene was unnerving and one of those scenes that could only ever work in Game of Thrones, but I can’t be the only one hoping we see the baby again at some point…

Dany sacks Meereen

2 - Dany

Here’s the thing that’s really starting to annoy me with Game of Thrones: Dany’s scenes are constantly marginalised to the beginning or ending of an episode and usually they are amongst the best. Her stuff this week, as fantastic as it was, could easily have been split into two scenes to prolong the epicness. The first of which could show Grey Worm and the Unsullied breaching Meereen and the slaver being butchered, and the second of which could show the slavers being crucified and Dany peering out at her new domain. What a fantastic sweeping shot that was! I hope we get lots of scenes showing how Meereen is impacted by Dany’s arrival. Oh, and please, can Mormont actually do something for once other than stand around looking imposing? He’s done fuck all in about two seasons.

The Kingslayer(s) are revealed…

3 - Kingslayer

In what will come as no surprise WHAT SO EVER to anyone, Petyr Baelish is revealed to have masterminded Joffrey’s death, but wait… Sansa is implicated too! If you watch the scenes in question from episode 2 very carefully you can see the moment the jewel is taken from Sansa’s necklace by none other than the sublime Olenna, who now doesn’t seem to be bothered about Vary’s numerous spies and loudly announces to Margaery that she killed Joffrey. But will the real killers be unmasked, or is Tyrion destined to be beheaded?

The Mutineers

4 - The Mutineers

I loved this scene this week because it showed that Game of Thrones, like the Lannisters, always pays its debts, and we are given some closure to the Black Brothers who revolted last season. Torchwood’s Owen (because who gives a fuck about learning his name in Game of Thrones when you just know Jon is gonna slaughter him next week) drops the C-bomb an alarming number of times this week, and beats The Hounds impressive feat from the first episode. Again, this scene is creepy as fuck, and I hope they all get their just desserts.

Bran is captured

5 - Bran

In another deviation from the novels, Bran happens upon said Black Brothers and is captured. His story is really picking up this season and I actually look forward to his scenes unlike previous seasons where watching them was like picking teeth. It was hard to stomach watching the Black Brother’s tormenting poor Hodor (HODOR!) so here’s hoping they get hacked to pieces soon.

Margaery and Tommen share a secret, and have an awkward-as-fuck kiss

6 - Secret

You just know this season is going to result in an epic bitch fight between Cersei and Margaery and I cannot wait! Although who I’ll side with is anyone’s guess – I love them both! Here Margaery attempts to get one over on Cersei by sneaking into the new king’s bedchambers, but their kiss is awkward! You can tell Tommen is excited to have a lady in his bedroom, but please no! He’s meant to be what, 12?


7 - Summer

In a similar scene to episode 2, the shot of Bran, as Summer, stalking through the forest is gorgeously shot and executed. I hope Summer and Ghost tear the mutineers to shreds!

Jon rallies the Black Brothers

8 - Black Brothers

The creepy Alliser Thorne allows Jon to venture to Craster’s keep to kill the mutineers and Jon has plenty of volunteers to help him. I can’t shake off the feeling that Locke is up to something though, but I hope he loses his head for taking Jaime’s hand last season. And also – are Jon and Bran ACTUALLY going to reunite? Oh. My. God. YES PLEASE! If they are within seconds of seeing one another and are snatched away (like Arya and Catelyn last season) I’m gonna flip.


9 - Pod and Brienne

Jaime’s rape of Cersei seems to be swept under the carpet this week, and Tyrion’s farewell to Podrick seems like a waste of screen time because he’s sticking around. But, everyone’s glad. Pod and Brienne is another example of what the show does well: sticking complete opposite together and making it work. I can’t wait! Also, how chuffed did Pod look?!

Tyrion’s in a cell. Again.

10 - Tyrion and Jaime

Again, nothing much happens with Tyrion but I’m not complaining. He’s very overrated in my opinion, and it’s nice to see other’s take centre stage for a change. I do like him, but he just gets too much screen time. This scene was little, but nice, and I hope we get a few more brotherly love scenes before the seasons end. It’s nice to see Jaime actually caring for someone else for a change.

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