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OMG! Game of Thrones is ALMOST back. And if the recently released trailer is anything to go by, it’s gonna be pretty damn explosive. Gorgeously soundtracked by a haunting rendition of David Bowie’s seminal classic ‘“Heroes”’, the trailer shows us everything we’d expect from a new season of Game of Thrones: sex, violence, death, carnage, politics, and another wedding…

Check out our breakdown of some of the most exciting shots from the trailer below, and then make sure to read our spoiler-filled look at what could be happening next season.

Dragon Fire


We’ll start with a big’un. Barely glimpsed before fire wreathes around his head, Drogon is just visible towards the close of the trailer. If you can remember, when we last visited Meereen Dany took the monumental decision to incarcerate two of her dragon children, but Drogon was nowhere to be seen. Expect him to return in season five, and expect his return to be bloody fiery. Trust us when we say, you will not want to miss his return.

Tywin Lannister


Charles Dance returns to play a cadaver only, but you just know that his presence will be very strong throughout season five, even if his body is lain to rest. He’ll surely continue to haunt his warring children, in particular Tyrion who slaughtered him on the toilet.

Maybe this time round we’ll find out where Tywin gets his gold, because he certainly doesn’t shit it.

The House of Black and White

game of thrones

Fans of Arya have nothing to worry about – her story in season five will perhaps be her best thus far. Her journey to Braavos and the House of Black and White it very thrilling indeed. Tom Wlaschiha will be returning in season five (and whilst his character hasn’t been confirmed, it’s pretty much certain he’ll be playing Jaqen H’ghar again) so expect his path to cross with Arya once more.

I expect he’ll adopt the role of the kindly old man from ‘A Dance With Dragons’, and instruct Arya on the ways of the Faceless Men. Her story is very interesting this season indeed…

Sansa Motherfucking Stark


With Bran and co. seemingly written out of season five (though Isaac Hempstead Wright has refuted this, somewhat, so it remains to be seen) because his television storyline has met up with his novel counterpart, such worries don’t seem to be affecting Sansa.

No, this ruthless badass will be returning in all new material, so whatever her storyline is, we cannot  comment. We can only guess that she’ll get more badass (hopefully) as Littlefinger’s ploy to announce her survival and reclaim Winterfell comes into motion.

Whatever the case, it’ll be brilliant. Season four showed how sensational an actress Sophie Turner is. With her recent casting in X-Men: Apocalypse, Turner is growing into a stunning actress, and certainly one to watch.

The Sand Snakes

sand snakes

Once the Dornish politics gets out of the way the Sand Snakes of Dorne, the bastard daughters of the recently deceased Oberyn Martell, are pretty explosive. Their storyline revolves around Myrcella, daughter of Cersei and Jaime, and their ploy to help her ascend the throne due to Dornish laws being different to that of the rest of Westeros. It’s only going to get confusing before it makes more sense, but their storyline will be a slow burning one.

It’ll start terrible, but grow to a stunning crescendo.

Another Wedding (!) for Margaery… That’ll end well, surely?


Season five see’s Margery marry for the third time, and we all know what happened to her first two husbands. Tommen, run for your life!

Will this one be as grand as the Purple Wedding? I’m thinking not. I doubt the Lannister’s would watch to attract as much attention again. But the last two weddings to grace Westeros ended badly, very badly indeed. Catelyn, Robb and Talisa (who?) perished at the Red Wedding, and Joffrey kicked the bucket at the Purple Wedding. So only one question remains: who’ll die at this wedding?

Tyrion’s Journey


Another exciting element of ‘A Dance with Dragons’ is Tyrion’s journey through the Free Cities, though his television story will be markedly different owing to Varys journeying with him. Personally I’m all for this change, as it means more Varys to grace our screens, and if there’s one thing you can’t have enough of it’s Varys’ witty tongue. I’ll discuss Tyrion more in a moment, but suffice it to say he’ll have a good year without his father’s looming presence. It’ll be a miss not seeing him trade barbs with Cersei, though.

The Night’s Watch and the Wildlings 

night's watch

Expect the Night’s Watch to grow substantially in numbers this season, as they join forces with the Wildlings. Yes, you read that right.

But everything goes downhill from there for Jon. We’ll not spoil it, of course, but prepare yourself for some monumental decisions.

Daenerys Motherfucking Targaryen 


Season five will undoubtedly be the year of Daenerys, Cersei (strangely, there isn’t a glimpse of that scene in this trailer…) and Tyrion, so there’ll be something for everyone here.

Dany in particular gets more badass then ever, if that’s even possible. Many plays of peripheral characters revolve around her claim to the throne, and she’s set to make her mark as she overcomes Jorah’s deceit. But she wants to prove her worth as a Queen, and takes a husband. And you know how well weddings sit in Game of Thrones…

Jorah’s in Trouble


For fans of Jorah, he’s thankfully sticking around. He’s trying to make amends with Dany after she exiled him last season, but expect obstacle upon obstacle. He’ll cross paths with Tyrion as he tried to escape the friendzone, but don’t hold your breath. Things’ll surely go bad for him. Give hi ma break already!

Melisandre’s naked… again

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 12.01.46

Melisandre is nothing if not consistent. No matter what fresh horrors await her in the flames, she always finds an excuse to strip naked. Without fail.

But Game of Thrones without nudity would be, well, porn without nudity. The two things are synonymous with one another. We can only guess at what is happening here, but I think she’s trying her damnedest to seduce Jon Snow. And we all know that Jon Snow now knows something, thanks to Ygritte.

Daznak’s Pit

daznak's pit

Daznak’s Pit is one of the most eagerly anticipated events of Game of Thrones, ever! It’s certainly up there with the Red Wedding. If you thought that was good, just wait until you see Daznak’s Pit. I’ll not spoil it, but Dany makes a long-awaited decision which see’s her finally prove her worth as Queen. It’s only taken five seasons!

The destruction of Meereen


But Dany faces more hardship as Meereen comes under attack, and she must make a big sacrifice to ensure the survival of her people. Again, I’ll not say anything spoilery, but the special effects here are certainly stunning. It’s hard to believe sometimes that Game of Thrones is produced on a television budget.

Cersei Flashback


Now I’m not entirely sure that this is Cersei, but it’s been confirmed that season five will feature the first ever flashback in the history of Game of Thrones, and that that flashback will detail why Cersei is the way she is. The flashback will shed a lot of light on this bitchy character as she descends into madness.

If you’re a fan of Cersei, you’re gonna love her in season five. Lena Headey has a lot of rich material to play with here, so it’ll surely be sensational.

“Who said anything about him?”


And finally, we part with a truly breathtaking prospect as Varys suggests that Tyrion help someone else to ascend the Iron Throne. And he isn’t talking about a guy. No, he’s talking about a woman, and a pretty badass one at that.

Many fans have been clamouring for a meetup between Dany and Tyrion for quite some time, so perhaps we’ll finally see that occur in season five…

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