OMGame of Thrones – A spoiler-filled look to Seasons 5 & 6

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Warning: Spoilers for books four and five in the A Song of Ice and Fire series

After thatbombshell of a final, I thought the last OMGame of Thrones article for this season should look at seasons to come in an attempt to glimpse some of the potential twists and turns in the ever expanding storylines. I’ve picked out my top 10 moments from the latest two books, although of course there are countless more on top of these…

Daznak’s Pit

Dany’s storyline does waver somewhat towards the end of book three and the beginning of book five, most of which has now been seen on screen. But towards the end of the latest novel her storyline picks up extraordinarily and it will surely make any Dany doubters change their minds of her.

‘Daznak’s Pit’ is destined to be a dreaded ninth episode – it has death, carnage, fire, blood, and the apparent demise of Dany. It begins as Dany reopens the fighting pits at the behest of her new husband Hizdahr zo Loraq and continues with the battle and killing of numerous slaves. Even Tyrion comes close to dying, but I’ll get to him in a moment.

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We all know that Dany bound two of her dragons, but Drogon is still on the loose, and the battle cries and the stench of blood attracts him to Meereen where he wreaks carnage. In an attempt to control him, Dany takes to his back.

I’m not sure how this chapter will transcend onto the small screen but I know it will be entirely captivating. I for one cannot wait to witness the fiery carnage.

Cersei’s walk of penance

Margaery Tyrell sure knows how to piss Cersei off. She digs her claws into her latest husband Tommen, so much that Cersei enacts revenge. She sets Margaery up for crimes of infidelity, adultery and treason, and even backs these claims up with numerous untrue witnesses. Only one of the witnesses relents upon torture, and Cersei too has to fight for her freedom. To do so her head is shaved, her clothes are removed, and Cersei must walk through King’s Landing entirely naked.

I see this as happening towards the middle of Season 6 and viewers will see broken a character they are so used to seeing manipulative. Cersei’s plight is rather heart breaking to read so it’ll be as equally hard to witness onscreen. Cersei also explores her sexuality in book four, so expect a similar sexual encounter in Season 5.

Jon Slayed

Jon becomes commander of the Night’s Watch and lets the Wildlings through the wall to join the Watchers on the Walls. He even seemingly kills Mance, but that’s revealed as a ploy enacted by Melisandre. But Jon’s changes to the Night’s Watch fuck off most of his friends so much that they hack him to pieces in the courtyard.

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It’s not known whether Jon truly dies or not, as he blacks out part-way through the attack – but what a change of dynamics that would make. But would they really kill off another Stark?

Lady fucking Stoneheart

In the close of book three, Catelyn Stark is reanimated but unable to speak and becomes obsessed with enacting revenge for the horrors befallen to her family.

Thus far she has done little in books four abd five, and I can understand why she didn’t appear in the Season 4 finale. That said, once George RR Martin releases more information about the shape of her story, I expect Catelyn to make a reappearance in the show.

Dany rides Drogon

Dany seemingly dies as she rides Drogon from Daznak’s pit. Only she doesn’t. And she has a period, which some think is a sign of her being able to bear another child. But regardless Dany is extremely broken by her ordeal in the Dothraki Sea.

When we witness Dany riding Drogon, it’s sure to be breathtakingly beautiful. Dany is going to surprise a lot of viewers.

Varys’ spies’

Varys vanishes for the majority of books four and five, something which doesn’t seem to be happening in the programme thankfully.

He appears to be journeying east with Tyrion. But in the novels he vanishes after Tywin’s slaughter, only to reappear as he murders Pycelle and Ser Kevan for intervening and helping Cercei survive.

It seems as though Varys has a grand plan, and he is delectably evil.

Arya gets a new face

In Braavos, Arya joins the House of the Black and White, the headquarters for the Faceless Men. In the novels, Jaqen H’ghar doesn’t appear in Arya’s storyline (he appears elsewhere, but I won’t spoil that), although apparently he will do in the show.

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During her time there Arya kills, becomes blind, and receives a new face.

Tyrion’s journey

As Tyrion journeys east he meets with Illyrio Mopatis (if you don’t know who he is, you aren’t a true Game of Thrones fan), Jon Connington (only mentioned throughout the novels thus far), a secret Targaryen and the recently-exiled Jorah Mormont as he journeys to meet with everybodies favourite queen.

Expect action, love, revenge and heartbreak. Things aren’t going to get any easier for everybody’s favourite little imp.

Sansa is a Stark

Petyr, like Varys, is playing a long game which will begin to come to light in season 5 I predict, and it involves marrying Sansa off and unveiling her true self to reclaim Winterfell. Only there’s a snake in the grass – the Bolton’s are currently residing there, and Stannis is also on the march. Anticipate a bloody battle to ensuring.

The Dornish Sand Snakes

Expect the Dornish clan to expand in Season 5 as Oberyn’s bastard daughters, dubbed the Sand Snakes, make their first appearance. In truth their story only begins to pick up towards the end of the fourth novel, but it’s nice to see the alluring Oberyn hasn’t quite been forgotten.

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