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In this penultimate edition of OMGame of Thrones I explore the top moments from the first four seasons. The top OMG moments, where you literally had to pick your jaw up from the floor.

1 - Ned

Ned loses his head

This is the ultimate OMG moment from Game of Thrones. Nobody who hadn’t previously read the books expected this shocking moment to occur, and even those that did expected the powers that be to significantly alter the narrative of the show. But no. The bastard that is Joffrey sentenced the beloved Ned to die, and die he did. It really shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise however, as Sean Bean infamously perishes in every single role he has ever had (well, near enough). But everybody expected Ned to get a reprise. And the worst bit? The look upon Arya’s face. It was even more heart-breaking than Sansa’s obvious torment.

2 - Dany

Motherfucking dragons

The final shot of the first season was glorious, finally cementing Game of Thrones as a fantasy programme. Previously we had only seen fleeting glimpses of magic and dead men walking, but dragons are THE staple of a good medieval fantasy tale. They were gorgeously realise onscreen, snaking their way around Dany’s naked, yet unscathed, body. They have certainly wreaked ample carnage since, but their first appearance was stunning. Everybody hoped the dragons would ultimately hatch, but nobody dared believe. But we never lost hope.

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3 - Joffrey

The Purple Wedding

What’s even more shocking than three ‘good’ characters perishing mere moments apart? The death of an ‘evil’ character we all despise. Yet Joffrey Baratheon Lannister was a character that many of us loved to hate. He was sublimely portrayed by Jack Gleeson who was a pure joy to watch as the delicious cunt that if Joffrey and he has been a huge miss throughout season four. Everybody wanted him to meet a gruesome end, but we all miss him now he’s no longer torturing Sansa and Cersei.

4 - Red Wedding

The Red Wedding

If Ned’s death somehow didn’t convince you that anyone can die in Game of Thrones, the infamous Red Wedding certainly did. We lost not one, not two, but three central characters off the bat (not that anyone particularly gave a fuck about Talisa anyway after she was so much altered from the novels… BUT her death was incredibly sickening). Robb was slain by multiple arrows to the chest and Catelyn had her throat slit open. I don’t know which death was worst, but they were both a huge blow.

5 - Tywin

“Lord Tywin Lannister did not, in the end, shit gold”

Oh how I wish Tywin Lannister had soiled himself upon his death because this line is one of the most quoted sentences from the entire A Song of Ice and Fire saga. I guess that Shae’s death wasn’t all that shocking, considering she had a much reduced role in the sublime fourth season, but boy was Tywin’s! As the first arrow was notched and fired we finally saw the end to Tyrion’s torment at Tywin’s hands. The Lannister’s, like the Stark’s, are dropping like flies. Only time will tell how Tywin’s death will affect the dynamics of season five.

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6 - Blackwater

Burning green

Cersei preparing to end Tommen’s life came a close second to this scene, but the shot of Blackwater Bay burning eerily green perfectly showed the production values on Game of Thrones, something recently showcased in ‘The Watchers on the Wall’. It’s one of those moments that you still can’t quite understand how they managed to achieve on a cable television budget.

7 - Viserys

Viserys golden crown

Now here’s a character we simple hate. There was no love for Viserys and his death was the perfect end to a treacherous character. He bitched and moaned about his crown all of season one and when Drogo finally gave him it, he didn’t want it. Talk about ungrateful! The full thunk of metal upon stone as Viserys falls to the floor still makes cringe.

9 - Smokey

Melisandre gives birth to the Smoke Monster from LOST

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Seriously. Stannis fucks Melisandre and she later births a gaseous form that proceeds to slaughter Renly. You couldn’t make this stuff up. The shadow assassins haven’t reappeared yet, but expect some form of explanation eventually. Or no explanation at all.

9 - Bran

“You’ll never walk again. But you will fly”

Who can forget the jaw-dropping moment when first we discover Jaime is shagging his sister before Jaime proceeds to push a child to his death below. Except Bran survives, and has subsequently used HODOR to help manoeuvre. But right off the bat this showed how ruthless a show Game of Thrones was going to be. It’s funny how much Jaime has become such a beloved character, after starting off so dastardly.

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10 - Jaime

Jaime loses his hand

Who didn’t recoil in horror as Jaime was separated from his hand? It was horrific but necessary as it helped humanise Jaime and make the viewers and other characters sympathise with him. At the beginning of season three we all hated him, but we all love him now (even after that questionable session with Cersei early in season four…)

Did your favourite OMG moment from the series make our list? Tell us in the comments below what you think and let us know what your top moments were.

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