One Direction and the Billion Dollar Concert Movie

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American website ‘Business Insider’ has totted up the figures and One Direction may be the first Billion Dollar boy band. 1D already make huge amounts of money from music sales, merchandise and tour tickets and the concert movie could expect to make $30,000,000 on opening weekend.

Police in America have already had to be called to an early movie screening when fans rioted when they thought they might not get in.

The concert movie experience is becoming increasingly popular, as through high quality 3D, it has become more affordable to see your favourite artist as close up as you want.

These documentary style concert movies have been earning artists huge amounts, but which artists have made the top five biggest grossings?

Watch the trailer for This is Us below:


5. $23,186,960 – Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

Take three brothers. Add one duet with Demi Lovato. Stir in Taylor Swift. Bake on the ‘Burnin’ Up Tour’. Enjoy a slice of cheesy pop rock.

The film follows Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas on tour and makes a documentary of their journey.

Was this really necessary? Not really. Fans already had ‘Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream’ to watch on Disney Channel. This show was a documentary following their lives. The brothers had, by this time, already been in a 3D concert movie as supporting artists (which is coming up further on in this list).

They are certainly not afraid of being followed by cameras as ‘Married to Jonas’ airs in the US and follows eldest brother Kevin and his wife Danielle. With a baby Jonas on the way, expect a season 3.


4. $32,439,363 – Katy Perry: Part of Me

The ‘California Dreams Tour’ was a magical experience. Specially recorded video footage gave a storyline to the concert, the outfits were extra-terrestrial and Katy floated on candyfloss clouds strumming acoustically.

The movie left behind the sparkling splendour and focused on Perry’s struggle to become a recording artist and her marriage breakdown with Russell Brand.

With so many hit singles off her album ‘Teenage Dream’ you might not hear all of your favourites. Perry’s video ‘Wide Awake’ shows a sneak peak of her tour at the end.


3. $70,642,036 – Hannah Montana /Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour

This might only be number three on the list, but it is number one in terms of opening weekend figures. In the opening weekend Cyrus’s movie made $31,117,834, almost half of its total earnings.

Hannah Montana was of course joined by the Jonas Brothers. Miley and Nick, otherwise known as Niley, were definitely in their puppy love stage. On the Jonas Brothers upcoming fifth album, Nick has written a song called ‘Wedding Bells’. The song pleads for ‘One last try’ with a certain ex who is getting married. Miley’s fiancée Liam Hemsworth was not best pleased.

Add the earnings from the concert movie to the Hannah Montana Movie and that makes over $200,000,000 worldwide.

Oh Tyra!


2. $98,441,954 – Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

If one teenage singing superstar can rake in almost $100,000,000 in 2011, imagine the pulling power of the five One Direction boys.

The movie is packed with guest stars including, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Sean Kingston, Usher and L.A. Reid. Later that same year, he released a Christmas Album and watched that go to the top of the American charts.

I am not sure his more recent tour would be as good in 3D as Justin has been vomiting on stage, been so late that he has been booed, and lost his pre-puberty voice. ‘Baby’ might not sound the same anymore.

Never say never to a sequel though.


1. $261,183,588 – Michael Jackson’s This Is It

In the number one spot, proving that you can be dead and still make a major movie, the King of Pop tops the chart.

Whilst the other movies on this chart made most of their money in America, Jackson’s stands out as being more popular Worldwide.

This tour is the tour that never toured. ‘This is it’ explains that this is all the footage they had. The film is pieced together as ‘private footage’ with cuts of songs that are sometimes left without full versions.

This one was for those fans who wanted to see Jackson perform one last time, on what was supposed to be his best tour ever.


Will the ‘Best song ever’ boy band top the concert movie sales? The outlook is very good.

Viewers have already followed their journey to fame on the X-Factor with all the home visits and behind the scenes you could ask for. Now audiences can see what happened next to the boys they voted for.

All this, for an act that came third.

One Direction – This is Us will be released in 3D in the UK on August 29th.


All figures are from and are the worldwide total sales figures. Accurate as of 07/08/13

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