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As another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race comes to an end we have inducted another queen into RuPaul’s ferocious royal family. To help mark this auspicious occasion artist Glenn Jones has illustrated every queen of every season in the style of Walt Disney. This wonderful blend of imagery makes every series winner look like they stepped off the screen of our favourite Disney classics and we simply could not keep it to ourselves. bebe Bebe Zahara Benet The winner of season 1, Bebe was a native of the country of Cameroon and brought an international quality to her season marking her as a Queen apart from every other contestant. Her look here was from her Queens of All Media challenge, where she channelled some real Lion Princess realness. tyra Tyra Sanchez Let’s be honest Tyra was a Queen that had to grow on you first. Alternating between acting like America’s Sweetheart and Rosemary’s Baby, Tyra had a lot of growing up to do before she would eventually go on to win the crown. Here Jones decided to show her with one of her best looks for the runway, in her customised wedding dress. raja Raja Raja is a great and experienced queen, combining her model looks with a creative flare which carried her through the competition from start to finish. Her look here was taken from Season 3’s snatch game where Raja impersonated long time friend and colleague Tyra Banks brought south-of-the-border realness into play channelling Mayan Princess while this old pro hammered the runway. sharon Sharon Needles Needles danced to the beat of her own drum throughout her time on Season 4. Combining gothic elements and tongue in cheek humour Sharon showed a new side to the world of drag which struck a chord with fans and won her the crown. Here Jones shows her at her best with her extreme plastic surgery costume taken from that season’s snatch game where this Queen of the Night wowed judges with her impersonation of Michelle Visage. chad Chad Michaels Labelled the Queen of Queens, Chad was a consummate professional and a lifelong impersonator of Cher. Originally competing on season 4, Chad made it all the way to the final before losing the crown to Sharon Needles. However, not one to be beaten, Chad would go on to compete in RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars – beating out a number of fan favourites to win a crown of her very own. Here her look came from Season 4’s Politically themed episode where she showed off her inaugural ball look to great acclaim from the judges. jinkx Jinkx Monsoon This kooky queen emerged as a real front runner during Season 5, winning over the audience with her disarming charm, and beating out her competitors with some very daring and interesting looks. While being critiqued for lacking polish, Monsoon made up for it with an indomitable spirit and a real theatrical quality which made her stand out. This look came out during that seasons acting challenge where Monsoon wowed the judges with Day of the Dead realness, and bones never looked so good. bianca Bianca Del Rio The latest winner of Drag Race Bianca Del Rio was tipped for success from the moment she entered the series in RuPaul’s second big opening. An insult comic with a rolodex of hate at her command Del Rio was not afraid to cut her competition down to size and delivered some amazing runway looks. Here we got to see Bianca with her amazing animal inspired couture for some channeling a ferocious yet leopard look.

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So there you have it – the Drag Race royal family as you have never seen them before, and don’t they look amazing!

Take a look at some of Glen Jones’ amazing work by checking out his website.

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