September 24th, Put it in Your Music Diary

James Dix

Get ready for big female artists to release albums this September. If you have been waiting for songs to belt out in your bedroom with your hairbrush, then your wait is over.


Jessie J – Alive

The follow-up album to Jesse’s 2011 Who You Are is Alive. The ex-judge of The Voice UK and Party in the USA songwriter is back.

The first single off her upcoming album was ‘Wild’, with Big Sean and Dizzie Rascal back in May. The track is one of a few collaborations on the album.

Jessie will be joined by Becky G, who you might remember from Cher Lloyd’s Oath, on new track ‘Excuse My Rude’.

Another collaborator will be Brandy, who has been performing for twenty years. Expect a classic RnB sound.

Get ready for a strong offering of club tracks like her second single ‘It’s my Party’, and plenty of songs about being proud and independent. Classic Jessie J

Alive is out on the 24th of September and will have a deluxe edition with four extra tracks.


Icona Pop – This is…

The masterminds behind summer anthem I Love It are releasing their debut international album.

Swedish synthpop duo Hjelt and Jawo are the coolest things from Sweden since the hottie Eric Saade from Eurovision.

Singles from the album include All Night and Girlfriend.

The video for All Night is so upliftingly gay and shiny with its documentary style. It feels very real and fabulous.

Unfortunately the album will only be released in October in the United Kingdom, but the tracks will be released in the United States on the 24th of September.


Cher – Close to the Truth

The twenty-sixth solo album by Cher is the final album release for September 24th.

Her latest single, ‘Woman’s World’ might not be breaking any Vevo records for views, but it is worth a watch for all her crazy hairdos. Lady Gaga called, she wants her wigs back.

Highlights of the album will be a duet with Scissor Sister frontman Jake Shears, and tracks written by P!nk.

On the deluxe edition, the final track will be ‘You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me’ from the movie Burlesque.

If you have been living under a rock for the past three years, watch the film co-starring Christina Aguilera.


These women are total gay icons. You can be proud to roll down your car window on the 24th of September and sing out ‘I don’t care, I love it!’ into the Autumn breeze.

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