Songs To Make You Feel Good

James Dix

The weather has turned against us. It is dark outside far too early. Energy prices are set to rise. Depressing…

So this is the time to ignore it all and keep going.

Stick in your headphones, block out the world and listen to a song to make you feel good.


Ke$ha – Blow, Chosen by reader Peter Scott

My friend Peter chose this track because of the video: “It’s the fact it’s so bizarre that attracts me to it.” Mythological creatures, James Van Der Beek and all of the usual Ke$ha outrageous sass, the video for Blow is one of a kind.

The song shouts fun, letting go and being as crazy as you like. A fine choice.


Ce Ce Peniston – Finally, Chosen by Vada Publisher Adam Lowe.

If you were born in the 2000’s and have no idea what this song is, I feel very sorry for you.

Once you listen to the track, you will know exactly why Adam picked this song: “That big voice, the bouncy keyboards and the disco flavour.”

This is the type of track that makes you want the night-out to keep going.

First released back in 1991, (before I was born) the song was re-released in 1997, remixed in 2008 and again in 2011. The repeated re-release proves just how good this song is.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love Feat. Mary Lambert, Chosen by Vada Contributor Sean Weaver

The video for Same Love could very easily be a Same Sex Marriage campaign video.

This song is so moving that you might have happy tears by the end of the track. Sean chose this track simply because: “[the song] always makes me feel better!”

It is so nice to hear a song called Same Love. The emphasis on the love between men or between two women is the same as a love between heterosexual couple is refreshing to hear.

Knowing that all is not lost with humanity should brighten up your day.


This is Me – Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, Chosen by Me

Summer is one of the best things about being young. The freedom to do what you want and be yourself.

Camp Rock is such a feel good film. Demi Lovato shines in her first Disney Channel Original Movie.

When the song kicks into the medley of This is Me and Gotta Find You, it is the best moment of the movie. The lyrics, cheesy as they may be, are very empowering.

I challenge you to watch the movie and not smile at least once.

Next time it looks like doom and gloom out there, make yourself a mix-tape.

Music can change your mood, find your own feel good beats and play them loudly.

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James Dix from Chipping Norton often meets David Cameron at the local Sainsbury's, "No I don't want an NHS cut, I just want some milk". Final year student of Journalism and English Literature from the countryside, studying at Northumbria University.