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This summer’s highly anticipated blockbuster The Great Gatsby had its soundtrack revealed this week. With Jay Z at the helm, he has assembled a cast as glittering and spectacular as the film’s trailers. Artists such as Beyoncé, The xx and Lana Del Rey will all feature.

The track I’m focusing on will by the magnificent ‘Over The Love‘ by indie rock band Florence + the Machine. This is the band’s third track for a major film, having contributed to the Twilight Saga and the epic Snow White & The Huntsman.

Once again the band have composed a cinematic and majestic track. The slow build establishes the dramatic theme of the film, before Florence’s enchanting vocal reaches crescendo. It is classic FATM in its composure and structure, layered with violins and those familiar harp notes. The final towering chorus is supported by an angelic choir and allows Florence to showcase her vocal talent.

It was no wonder the band were involved with this soundtrack as their second album Ceremonials had an Art Deco theme, whilst their track ‘Bedroom Hymns‘ was used on an earlier trailer. ‘Over The Love‘ surpasses expectation, balladic and anthemic with a spanning chorus and impeccable songwriting. It has given fans an idea of the potential of the band’s next album, which they are rumoured to be currently writing.

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The soundtrack for the film will be released on the 6th of May in the UK, the first single will be Lana Del Rey’s ‘Young & Beautiful‘. It is unconfirmed if Florence + the Machine’s track will be released.

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