Time to Go Moffat – Possible Dr Who Replacements

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So, yeah, hands up, we might have been a smidge off with the whole ‘who will be the next Doctor.’ We tried our best to push for Moira Stuart but on hindsight it would have been a casting decision that would have only been funny to the UK, and David Tennant kinda may have suggested it many years before we did.

However, there is one thing that we are very much not wrong about and that is Moffat needs to go. Capaldi will be great, and yes it means a change of pace for the show and what not, but if Moffat keeps on with this route of slowly regressing Doctor Who back to how it was when it all began, we will will be having six episode stories filmed exclusively in black and white with monsters that will literally be made from whatever shit they have found in the bins behind the old television centre. But we here at Vada are not about pointing out problems, no sir, we are all about solutions and here are our top three showrunners for Doctor Who season … we lost count.

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Toby Whithouse 

This fellow is the man behind Being Human, the award winning BBC 3 tale of ghosts, vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night. There are so many crass ways you could describe Being Human. ‘Buffy for adults’ was one that popped up too many times, but it’s a little bit accurate. He’s no stranger to the world of Who, he’s written numerous episodes of the new series including fan favourite ‘School Reunion’ which reintroduced Sarah Jane and k-9. If Toby were to be brought in to guide Doctor Who we would see a darker series fuelled with a sharp wit that we are currently missing (saying ‘I wear [insert item of clothing] now’ is not funny or witty or anything, it is a nothing thing to say, please stop.)

Howard Overman 

Creator of the sex craved, foul mouthed super powered ASBOs of Misfits. Through a vast array of writing credits he’s shown himself to not only be able to make his own creations but is very good at playing well in the worlds of others. One of Overman’s greatest achievements is his adaptation of the Douglas Adams Dirk Gently. If someone is able to adapt Douglas Adams’ work and not piss off all the fans, then they are more than ready to take on the world of Who.

Ryan Murphy

This would be bloody brilliant! Can you imagine what he would do to the Doctor? No? Neither can we, because there is no way of predicting what he will do next. Need proof? How about that last season of American Horror Story? From the very first episode when aliens burst onto the scene until the very last episode where most of the cast had been killed off in a variety of creative ways, he kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Look at Glee, which far too many people scoff at because it’s popular. Mr. Murphy saw a niche and slammed a bugger load of singing teenagers into it. With Glee, Murphy has portrayed characters from a range of backgrounds in ways not seen on the box, religion, sexuality and gender have been dealt with in subtle and not so subtle ways, but always in a sensitive and good meaning manner. Russell T. Davies challenged audience expectations and views on these areas during his run and was one of the strongest aspects of the Tennant/Eccleston years. Let’s bring it back.

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Here is where we leave it up to you? Do you agree? Or do you think someone else could better take on the horns of the beast, perhaps Gaiman?

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