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Likely in an attempt at some serious damage control due to recent events (stay wary of the internet for the next six weeks as the first five scripts and episodes in rudimentary form have apparently leaked early), the BBC released the first PROPER trailer for the new series of Doctor Who – and boy does it excite us at Vada! Check out our top twelve (Twelve, gettit?) moments below.

1 - Tardis

The TARDIS burns

One of the first shots we see is the destruction of the TARDIS, which was similarly hinted at in a previous teaser. So why is the TARDIS burning and who, or what, is causing it?

Note the electrical surges in the image – the only monster I can think of with an electrical attack like that are the Silence, but I highly doubt we’ll be seeing a return of them.

2 - Sonic

A new Doctor, but an old sonic screwdriver

So we have a new Doctor (yey!) but the Twelfth Doctor appears to harbour the Eleventh’s sonic screwdriver. Likewise the Eleventh’s TARDIS interior also appears to be continuing with his new guise. BOO! A new Doctor should have new gadgets to play with. But we cannot wait to see the new Doctor take his first flight in the TARDIS.

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3 - New Doctor

The trademark steely gaze

The Twelfth Doctor is instantly recognisable with his steely gaze, which was also seen in the 50th anniversary epic last year.

Apparently we will be seeing a much darker Doctor this time round, so the coolness in his eyes hints towards a darker tone to the programme. This is needed as I cannot imagine Capaldi playing goofiness as compelling as Matt Smith.

4 - Cyborgs and Robots

A staple of Doctor Who: Cyborgs and Robots

You can always count on a robot or cyborg appearing in Doctor Who and it appears we have both in the new series. The premier episode, titled ‘Deep Breath’ will apparently feature the return of the Clockwork Droids first seen way back in 2006’s ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ and the image certainly looks like the Droids rudimentary surgery (remember the eye used as a camera?).

On the other hand the robot depicted is strikingly familiar to Caw, a robotic bird which appeared in 2007’s animated ‘The Infinite Quest’. It probably isn’t, but it looks scary nevertheless.

5 - Twelve and Clara

A new Doctor, a new dynamic

Clara will initially be wary of the new Doctor which comes as a surprise to me considering Clara, out of all of the past companions, is the most clued-up on the anatomy of the Time Lords. She has, after all, interacted with them all by going back into the Doctor’s time stream and she even begged the Time Lords to grant Eleven a new regeneration cycle.

I hope her animosity doesn’t last long. Clara and Twelve look amazing together.

Two new companions will appear later in the series (for a currently unknown amount of episodes) as the Moff recreates the original TARDIS dynamic: an old grandfather figure, two teachers from Coal Hill School (Clara, the English teacher, and Samuel Andersons Danny Pink) and a student by the name of Courtney played by newcomer Ellis George. This sounds tantalisingly exciting!

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6 - Vastra

The Paternoster Gang

Madame Vastra, Commander Strax and Jenny Flint return in ‘Deep Breath’ (amongst others, I suspect) to help guide in the new Doctor. These are three fan favourite characters so their return is welcome. I do hope however the Sontaran’s (and perhaps Strax himself) get a long awaited return to their former villainous role. As funny as Strax is, he has essentially ruined the Sontaran race…

7 - T-Rex

Dinosaurs. In LONDON

Forget series seven’s ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’ – series eight will feature a tyrannosaurus-rex rampaging through modern London.

How or why remains unknown, but you just know it’s going to be epic. The CGI in the extremely short clip looks top-notch!

8 - Battle

Battle in the stars

Another staple of Doctor Who under the Moff’s reign is a climactic battle in space. The image appears to show a small spaceship flying speedily away from a Dalek saucer (more on them in a moment). Will the Dalek’s succeed, or will Twelve thwart them?

9 - Doctor

The Doctor in pyjamas

The new Doctor will have to prove himself in a similar manner to his predecessors and to do so he has to mount a horse and give chase whilst dressed in pyjamas. This appears to show Twelve will suffer from his regeneration similarly to how Ten did way back in 2005’s ‘The Christmas Invasion’.

10 - Monsters

Beautiful creatures

The monster depicted in the image will likely turn out to be a rampaging beast set on revenge and/or murder. But there is no denying that the prosthetics on it looks completely stunning. I just cannot wait to witness this monster’s interactions with the Doctor and I hope it appears sooner rather than later.

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I also happen to think that it is about time we are introduced to a new iconic monster rather than the tireless return of previous monsters (SPOILER: the Daleks AND Cybermen will both appear in series eight – amongst others, most likely). We need a new Weeping Angel.

11 - Dalek

The Daleks are back and I feel mixed feelings about this

The Daleks return in episode two, rumoured to be titled ‘Into the Dalek’. Part of me is excited – what better way to introduce a new Doctor than to have him battle his more formidable of foes? But another part of me is tired of seeing these pepperpot beasts. The Daleks NEED a rest. They have appeared far too much of late. After their early revival in series eight, they just HAVE to be retired until series ten (at the earliest).

12 - Good Man

A good man?

The trailer ends with a tender moment between Twelve and Clara in which he asks Clara if he is a good man. This will likely appear somewhere in the feature-length ‘Deep Breath’. She says she doesn’t know, but the audience certainly does. Capaldi, and Twelve won’t be good. They’ll be exceptional.


Are you excited for series eight? Sound out in the comments below.



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