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Similar to my article a few weeks back here I take a look at some of the new UK shows that are exciting us here at Vada. Take a read. You may just find your new favourite programme.


Glue (E4)

Billed as E4’s new Skins, and a teenage take on Broadchurch, Glue sees some sexy teenagers (because, y’know, all teen shows need sexy casts) become involved in a gruesome countryside murder. His death unbinds the glue that cements the village of Overton as secrets come spilling to the surface. This young cast reunites Yasmin Page and Tommy Knight (from The Sarah Jane Adventures) and pits them alongside Rizzle Kick’s Jordan Stevens (them ears man!), Harry Potter’s Jessica Cave and Charlotte Spencer. Skins was ground-breaking in its first series, so fingers-crossed Glue will follow suit.

Chasing Shadows (ITV)

Starring Doctor Who alumni Alex Kingston and Noel Clarke as Ruth Hattersley and DI Prior respectively, Chasing Shadows follows a special unit hunting down serial killers. Reece Shearsmith plays the awkward-but-brilliant detective Sean Stone. Whilst this could be seen as any generic cop show, it’s the actors that are making us at Vada excited about this project. Who doesn’t love Alex Kingston? Airdate still unconfirmed, Chasing Shadows will consist of two self-contained episodes. Christopher Menaul directs the first, titled ‘Only Connect’, whilst Jim O’Hanlon will direct the second, titled ‘Off Radar’. Chasing Shadows premièred last night, so if you missed it catch it on ITV Player now.

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The Great Fire (ITV)

ITV’s 2012 mini-series Titanic was terrible, so this year they try again to visualise a disaster from times gone by. This time round it’s the Great Fire of London. The Great Fire is a big-budget historical disaster and reportedly one of ITV’s most expensive dramas ever. It stars Charles Dance (that in itself says that The Great Fire will make for some good viewing), Rose Leslie and Andrew Buchan. Expect this to explode in the ratings (pun intended) or meet a slow death and fizzle out boringly (again, pun intended).

The Driver (BBC1)

Essentially a British take on The Transporter series of films, The Driver see’s David Morrissey play the titular character. Vince is tired of his humdrum existence and this somehow propels him into a life of crime and violence, car chases and carnage. Combining action and heart, The Driver details the story of an everyman, who is fed up, naked of his masculinity and desperately hunting down his recently vanished son. This three-part series co-stars Claudie Blakeley, Sacha Parkinson and Ian Hart.

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