Trinity K. Bonet’s HIV+ Confession

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This week’s episode of Untucked, the behind the scenes look at each episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, was the setting for one of the most candid confessions on Drag Race her-story. Trinity K. Bonet (Joshua Jones) told her fellow queens that she was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 2012, and for a few moments all signs of competitiveness lifted.

With each week, Trinity has steadily been growing on us. On the runway, she effortlessly blends classic beauty with a progressively modern spin. Yet her attitude in the workroom was slightly reminiscent of Season Two winner, Tyra Sanchez – somewhat abrasive and capable of ruffling feathers.

But now that we see the burden she’s been living with, that all makes a lot more sense. “I think its a huge step in the right direction for Trinity to speak her mind. I was really really impressed with that”. With this response, Bianca Del Rio summed up the feelings not only of her fellow cast mates, but of us all.

With a level of articulation and maturity surprising in a 23-year-old, Trinity told the girls that ‘I wanted to come on this show, and I wanted to be that voice for people who are scared to speak out … I’m here for all those people, [to show them] that you have somebody that you can look up to’.

Trinity’s approach to her status is really refreshing, and has significant potential to help de-stigmatise the disease. She sees it as a ‘situation’, but not something that needs to be an obstacle. Courtney Act reflected that “Trinity’s a beacon, and I kind of think that maybe this is what’s been holding her back.”

Trinity is already a winner, but now that everything’s out in the open, I think it’s safe to say that rest of the girls had better watch out. She’s a queen with an important cause, and she has our respect and our support.

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