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Must like its predecessor, the eighth episode of True Blood’s final run was very much a character piece. There was action, yes, but for the most part this episode focussed upon these characters we have come to know and love. True Blood has always excelled on the action front but for the final run of episodes we need the focus to be solely upon the characters. And for that reason ‘Almost Home’ was brilliant.

Eric is cured

You can calm down now y’all. Eric is no longer dying. That doesn’t mean he won’t die eventually, but for now he’s had a respite. Eric drank from Sarah and his dark veins magically receded. Pam’s ultimatum (either he lets Sarah live or Pam shoots herself) felt like the writers were playing with Pam’s life once more and it reaffirmed by belief that she’ll ultimately die come the seasons end. In a show this bloody you just know more death is imminent.

Tara moves on

Tara finally moves on, and so does Lettie Mae. As much as I would have liked Tara to somehow come back to life (like I’ve been arguing for the past few weeks), this narrative ending for Tara was satisfying for me. I have long been a fan of Tara’s and preferably she wouldn’t have died at all. But in her death she and her mother finally found peace with one another. It was a beautiful little scene in which Tara and Lettie said goodbye to one another, and Tara told her mother to stop blaming herself for what happened between them in the past and to simply move on. Both Rutina Wesley and Adina Porter were sublime in this scene. It brought closure to two of my all-time favourite True Blood characters so for me this scene was one of the best. The only downfall of Tara moving on is there is no more Tara, Sookie and Lala.

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Bill chooses to die

The cure has been found but Bill decides he doesn’t want it. It appears as though his dreary flashbacks all season long have finally come to fruition. He, like Niall, believes in family. So the question is: would you rather Bill died and found peace with his human family, or stayed alive with Sookie and let both of their bloodlines dwindle out together? Bill and Sookie are endgame – I want Bill to live and go on with Sookie (providing Sookie remains human/fae rather than a vampire). That said, I would accept Bill dying providing Sookie doesn’t end up with Eric. If Bill must die so Sookie can have a family, we need a flashforward in the finale to show Sookie settled down with a human (preferably not the shape-shifter Sam) and a family.

Hoyt avenges Maxine

Unbeknownst to Hoyt, he avenges his mother’s death this week by delivering the killer blow to Violet. I know most people would have preferred Jason to kill Violet but to me Hoyt was the perfect choice. This storyline with Violet should have come to a close two episodes ago, but thankfully it is finally over, even if it looks like Jason and Jessica aren’t endgame…

Jessica meets Hoyt (again)

In fact, it looks as though Jessica and Hoyt will be rekindling their former love. Jim Parrack and Deborah Woll have a fantastic chemistry together so their on-screen relationship is incredibly believable. As much as I love Jason and Jessica, I think Jess ending up with Hoyt would be a better ending. Their relationship prospered for three seasons and it was one many fans loved. I just hope Jessica finally has some happiness.

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Jason and Jessica decide to be [beautiful] friends

With Jessica and Hoyt’s reigniting romance, where does this leave Jason? Hopefully not with Bridgette. And hopefully Jason won’t return to his womanising ways – to do that would ruin his seven-season arc. There is nobody Jason can realistically end up with now that will make the fans happy so all I want is a flashforward to show Jason happily married to a previously unseen woman with several kids – maybe one named Adele after his grandmother. That said, I still think Jason will die. Either he or Bill, anyway.

Lettie Mae’s downwards spiral

The V-trip this week finally showed what began Lettie Mae’s downwards spiral that we saw enacted so brilliantly in season one. Tara’s father was an even worse parent than her mother and I am surprised he never turned up again somewhere over the past few seasons. It was a hard scene to watch, what with the violence and the younger Tara pointing a gun at her father. I’m glad she didn’t kill him – it showed that Tara had compassion all along.

New Blood is synthesised

Why, when Sarah’s blood has been successfully synthesised, do they keep her alive in the basement? This only affirmed my belief she will ultimately survive as there is no reason to keep her alive. That said, I’m glad she is. She will find a way to wriggle out of the Fangtasia dungeon and flee, somehow. I want Mr Gus to die now, and I want Eric to distribute the bottles of New Blood. True Blood has to end with the worlds vampires being cured.

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Closure on Bill’s trip to Bon Temps

With this being the final season of True Blood, closure to long running threads is needed. Whilst not necessarily necessary, here we learn that Queen Sophie-Anne planned on breeding Sookie and that was why Bill was sent to Bon Temps. Surely we all have to be thankful that Sophie-Anne was so devious – without her we’d have no True Blood. 

Next week is the penultimate episode and I expect either Bill, Jason or Pam to die. Do you agree?

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