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True Blood’s fourth episode ‘Death is Not the End’ was easily the best episode of the final run of episodes. The entirety of the final battle had me watching through my fingers as I (wrongly, thankfully) predicted more death. The first two episodes of this season were rather lacklustre, but if the remaining six (SOB) retain this great standard then True Blood is sure to go out on a high.

The Battle of Fangtasia

The final quarter of this episode was a tense affair which had me questioning which of many characters would bite the bullet. Most of the key players were involved in this climactic battle and I was sure that somebody of importance would die. Thankfully none did, but that only makes me dread the next episode even more. Hell, I simultaneously look forward to and dread each new episode in case some of my favourites die.

But back to the battle. It was executed stupendously, and whilst not big enough to rival some of Game of Thrones’ impressive battles it was compelling nevertheless. It broke my heart a little to see Fangtasia in ruins and I hope it get rebuilt at some point before the end of True Blood.

1 - Fangtasia

Arlene nearly goes into the light with Terry

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The battle almost leads to the death of Arlene. Arlene is good by herself but Terry ruined her for me. That said, I was hoping and hoping she would pull through and thankfully she did. When the time came I realised I didn’t want her to die. I think I, and a lot of other viewers, have become far too attached to the majority of these characters and the loss of anyone of them will be a huge blow.

It was nice to see Terry return, even if it was only after a gap of four episodes. Even in death is his sickeningly sweet and he urges Arlene to keep on living to look after their kids. Aww. I have a feeling Terry will show up again somewhere along the line.

2 - Arlene


Sookie and Eric

Eric and Pam return to Shreveport and Eric and Sookie are reunited at last. Pam’s “oh great, Sookie is here” line accompanied by her trademark eye roll was a delight, but the long awaited reunion between the former lovers is what the majority of viewers have been longing for. It was smouldering and bittersweet and whilst I do believe they will fuck one last time Sookie will ultimately end up with Bill. Eric will likely die, but if he doesn’t I kind of what him to eventually end up with Pam. It appears as though they hook up in the trailer for episode five…

3 - Eric and Sookie

Ginger masterminded Fangtasia

Before Ginger was a screamer with next-to-no sanity left, she was a college student with an obsession with vampires (figures) who falls in love with Eric at first sight. Ginger comes to work at Eric and Pam’s video-rental store and in 2006, after the vampires have come out of the coffin, she masterminds the stores transformation into the Fangtasia we know and love.

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It was a delight to have Ginger back on screen, even if she didn’t scream, and her interactions with Pam were as brilliant as ever. Similarly in the present Eric and Pam’s reminiscing on the plane was a rather tender moment between two big characters. Eric’s “such a BITCH” line along with their heartfelt smiles at one another broke my heart a little. You just know it isn’t gonna end well for one of them.

4 - Ginger

The death of Big Max and the return of Hoyt (YEY)

First we have Sookie ringing Jackson to tell him of Alcide’s death (and thankfully Sookie decided to grow a pair and just get the fuck over his death instead of moping around a lot. That said, Sookie has grown too desensitised to death of late and she barely reacts to Alcide or Tara’s deaths. I predict a major death is imminent which will make Sookie realise the significance of death again. Likely Jason…) and whilst it was nice to see Jackson learn of his son’s death I sincerely hope that is IT with Jackson and the weres.

Then we had Officer Stackhouse calling Hoyt to tell him of Big Max’s death. This was a beautiful little scene as Jason fought to maintain his composure. Jim Parrack has been reinstated in the main cast in the opening credits, and he told Jason he would be returning to Bon Temps, so expect Hoyt to play a role in the final episodes. I’m glad he’s back, but please don’t kill him. Hoyt is literally the only morally decent character we have left.

5 - Hoyt

Holly’s turmoil

Wow, Holly can act!

This was a surprisingly amazing moment which showed some much needed character development in Holly and Andy. It’s clear that Holly is seriously fucked up following her ordeal (and rightfully so) but with only six episodes remaining I hope her, Arlene and Nicole get over it swiftly. We don’t have time to linger on this.

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6 - Holly

Lala, Jess and James – the new love triangle

I wish Jess would give James the elbow so that James can find solace in Lala’s arms. You just know it’s gonna happen. But Jess wasn’t infected after all – it turns out she was refusing to eat because of her guilt over killing the fairy triplets. Now she has fed and healed, hopefully she’ll get over it and move on and fuck Jason again.

In a surprising turn Lala reminisced about Jesus in front of Jess and James. I hope Jesus returns for one last moment with Lala but I am incredibly happy that Lala is moving on with James. He deserves some happiness, and he deserves to live.

7 - Triangle

Eric’s hair

More flashbacks see the return of the Magister (last seen in season three) and explain how Eric and Pam came to Shreveport. They are given Fangtasia (then a video-rental store) so that the Authority can keep an eye on Eric whom they don’t trust.

I am loving the flashbacks this season as they are fleshing out a lot of what we thought we knew but ultimately didn’t. That said, Eric’s hair throughout was abysmal.

8 - Eric hair

Vince dies and it’s about fucking time!

That happened. Finally. Now onto the next villain.

9 - Vince

With only 6 episodes to go are you looking forward for the series to reach its conclusion? Sound off in the comments below and tell us what you thought of the latest in the final season of True Blood


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