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Beware: Spoilers!

‘Fire in the Hole’ was easily the best episode of True Blood’s final run so far. It was funny, heart-breaking and shocking. And it included the staples of True Blood: sex, violence, blood and death. What more could you want?

More naked Eric? I hear you.

1 - Alcide

Alcide bites the bullet (pun intended)

Alcide’s death was a long time coming and, to me at least, it wasn’t shocking in the slightest. Alcide was a brilliant character in season 3 but the irrelevant werewolf subplot which festered in seasons 4-6 ruined him completely. There was just no coming back from it. It was, in a word, shit.

Alcide’s death was also completely necessary. The final season looks to be revolving around Sookie and Bill (thankfully – although the trailer for episode 4 hints that Eric will soon return to the foray) and Alcide was just getting in the way. The show started with Sookie and Bill and it needs to end with them.

2 - Maxine

Is it bad that I’m more devastated Maxine died than Alcide?

On the other hand, Maxine is a character whom I love dearly and who will be a big loss to the show.

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Every scene she starred in sparkled with humour. From her prejudice against everything different to her overbearing nature, Maxine was a scene-stealer. I suppose her death has been a long time coming because, ultimately, she is extraneous and she isn’t a nice person at all. But it comes to something when you’ll miss a secondary character over a main cast member.

Rest in peace Maxine-Dagnabbit!-Shit-Fucker-Fortenberry.

3 - Sarah

Sarah returns

Here is a character that’s destined to die. There’s no denying it – Sarah will ultimately depart in a gruesome manner befitting the horrors she has inflicted upon the characters of True Blood.

But Sarah is deliciously over-the-top and despite myself I root for her. She didn’t exactly do much this episode (apart from get a new do’, change her name to Noonie (or something to that effect) and bone her guru) but we did learn that two people are after her: Eric and Mr Gus, who was working for the Authority.

But with the Authority vanquished, who is Mr Gus working for now?

4 - Eric

Eric’s ass

Another episode, another flashback. But this is a good flashback – as in it we glimpse Eric’s ass, and what a sight it is. We discover Eric has previously fallen for a human in the form of Sylvie and, after fucking off the Authority, Eric must choose between Sylvie and Pam.

These flashbacks helped to affirm Eric’s love for Pam and to show how pained Pam is when Eric initially rejects her again. That is until he learns that Sarah is still alive.

Cue the dramatic showdown.

5 - Lala

Lala falls for James

I am LOVING Lala’s story this season. His dancing was incredibly cute, his flirting was incredibly cute (because, you know, he swallows [the pills] and then James sucks [Lala’s neck]) and his goofiness was incredibly cute. You just know they’re gonna hook up.

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I do find the animosity between James and Jessica hard to believe, considering we haven’t actually seen them together yet this season, but boy am I glad for it. Lala deserves some happiness.

As a side note my heart literally stopped when it looked like Lala was dead. Don’t do that to me, writers!

6 - Tara

Tara IS dead after all

So despite my numerous theories, Tara is dead after all. And once more it’s brushed under the table. But that’s clearly because she is still a part of the story.

I don’t know to what extent, but Tara will play some role in True Blood’s final act. Lettie Mae still sees visions of her when high and Lala is a medium, so Tara will return in some guise.

I can’t be the only one annoyed, however, that Tara didn’t get an on-screen death and yet Terry had a whole fucking episode dedicated to his funeral, can I?

And just when is anyone going to remember she died yesterday and fucking react?

7 - Sookie and Bill

Sookie & Bill

Sookie and Bill’s scenes this week felt old-school. To me they were vintage True Blood. I sincerely hope that Sookie doesn’t mope over Alcide for long and blame herself, but rather forgets him and gets back with Bill. But I predict more teasing.

This is my guess: Eric will return, they’ll fuck, then Sookie and Bill will fuck, then Eric and Bill will fuck then Sookie will have to pick between the two, Sookie and Bill will live happily ever after, and Eric will become a stripper and live forevermore naked.

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Sounds good, right?

8 - Nan

Nan returns

In the first of many returnees this season (I predict), Nan Flanagan pops up in Eric’s flashback to show more of how True Blood was synthesised. But just why was Eric’s involvement necessary? We’ll find out more next week when flashbacks reveal Eric and Pam’s journey to Shreveport and Fangtasia.

I can’t help but think that Nan and Pam would’ve been the bestest of friends had they met under other circumstances.

9 - Holly

Holly remembers she’s Harry Potter

Yeah, Holly’s a witch, apparently. Not that you would’ve known from the direction her character’s gone in since season 4. But this week she remembers, briefly.

I hope her powers manifest again in some form before the close of the show – Holly needs something to do.

And now that she is reunited with Andy, will Andy propose?

10 - Jessica

Jessica won’t heal

Again, what up wit Jess? This week she’s shot but doesn’t heal. Is she infected? I don’t think so because she hasn’t been weakened. But something is up.


Only seven episodes left now and still I cannot call how this show is going to end. But who do you think will die next?

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