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From the way season 7 is shaping up thus far I am not entirely sure as to how True Blood’s final run is going to play out and how the show will ultimately meet its true death (pun intended, thank you). The show is certainly all over the place, although the craziness of the Bon Temps residents harkens back to Maryanne’s presence way back in season 2. And the show is a lot darker this year, with the threat of death hovering over the cast. Anyone can die. This show lost its way a long time back, yes, but I still hold out for a decent conclusion. That said, it’s still addictive.

1 - Jason and Eric

Jason’s sex dream lives up to the hype

Well that was hot, wasn’t it? The entire opening scene was deliciously camp and perhaps the greatest scene in True Blood history, but you can tell Ryan and Alexander had a lot of fun filming it. The viewer’s certainly had a lot of fun watching it also. There was plenty of flesh, lip-locking and cheesy lines – what more could you want? And it was nice to see Eric back on our screens, even if he’s looking a little worse for wear. Who would’ve guessed that Eric was a bottom?

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2 - The diary

The diary

This scene was executed brilliantly. It started cheesy and clichéd but once the parallels between Mary-Beth/Henry and Sookie/Bill became apparent the realisation of all Sookie and her friends had gone through and would go through hit home. Sookie’s underplayed monologue sound tracked her friends and family’s exploration of Mary-Beth’s home (by the way, Jason’s “pizza forensics” was hilarious!) and Sam finally remembered (although failed to act, I must add) that his pregnant girlfriend was missing. It’s not often that True Blood does heartfelt in this way (see Terry’s funeral and Jessica’s prayer last season as recent reminders) but when it does it delivers. True Blood can be extremely camp, yes, but it can be sincere also. Additionally the flashback of Sookie trying on her dress (which was newly filmed scenes to expand the old which we already know) was a beautiful way to develop Sookie’s initial feelings for Bill, which certainly seem to be resurfacing. Thankfully.

3 - Eric

Eric is alive, but dying

So Eric is alive, big surprise. Like we didn’t all know that from the moment his tiny member burned beneath the Swedish sun. But he is dying. I wasn’t expecting it in the slightest, even if in hindsight it was obvious, and it makes a delicious twist. Now the stakes (again, pun intended) are high. I highly doubt the powers that be will end the show with the Hep-V virus still in play. After all it is essentially functioning as the big bad this season as of now and the big bad always meets the true death. Ultimately a happy (or happy-ish) ending is required. So I think some form of cure will be devised, or the disease itself will die out like countless have in history. Whether or not Eric will survive is an entirely different story, but it would make Sookie’s ultimate decision a lot easier…

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4 - V

Lettie Mae’s V-trip

I totally called it that Tara would be back in some guise. Yes, her appearance this week was brief, but it raised a lot of questions. I just LOVE scenes between Lettie and Tara. Their history is extremely rich, and Lettie’s story this season is paralleling with season ones alcohol addiction narrative. If Lettie spiralling downwards is the only way we can see Tara again then so be it, but I sincerely hope Lala gets over himself and summons her back, even if it’s only for one last scene between the pair (fingers crossed Sookie is there also. That’s all I want ultimately from the ending of True Blood – some form of closure between Tara, Sookie and Lala).

5 - Lala and Lettie

Lala and Lettie Mae trade barbs

Which brings us nicely to Lala, who in two episodes has already had more to do than he did last season! Again, this is a brilliant scene between two of my favourite’s and it shows that even if everyone else has forgotten Tara died (yesterday, I must stress. And whilst I’m on this point – Sookie, Jason and Sam seriously couldn’t give a fuck about her demise. What’s up with that?!) her nearest and dearest certainly haven’t. Lala’s line about playing Chinese Checkers with Ghandi in the bathroom was another highlight of this episode, but there were plenty of other funny lines aside.

6 - Arlene

Arlene’s sass is back

This is the Arlene we know and love. Her season one sassiness has made a triumphant return after the dreary Terry storyline finally ended last season. Her self-ridicule was brilliant and it perfectly summed up her somewhat shit story thus far. Ultimately I couldn’t care less whether Arlene lives or dies, but so long as we have more sass from her in the meantime.

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7 - Maxine

Bown down to Maxine Fortenberry

You can ALWAYS rely on Maxine for a laugh. The way Dale Raoul delivers her lines always brings a smile to my perpetually miserable face. She is extremely prejudiced (against literally everything) but I wouldn’t have her any other way. Out of the secondary characters, Maxine is the one I want to survive the most.

8 - Jessica

What’s up with Jessica?

I called this storyline in my review of season six last year. It is just too predictable. But she will survive, probably (see my comments on Eric above).

9 - Bill and Sookie

Sookie and Bill

Ooh, Sookie gon’ cheat on Alcide. I certainly hope so anyway. Sookie and Bill will always have a special place in my heart. They were a true romance, whereas Sookie and Eric was basically rebound sex. I hope this is the endgame, and that Alcide dies or fucks off sooner rather than later.

10 - Vince

Kill this cunt already

Same as last week. Nothing has changed (other than his brilliant line shown in the image). Kill this annoying cunt, PLEASE.

With the final series now well underway what do you think of it so far? Let us know in the comments below as the last great act in this drama begins to play out.

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