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‘Jesus Gonna Be Here’ was a rather slow-burning premiere but it did set up things rather nicely for the rest of the final season. After the first ten minutes the action drops substantially, but we are greeted to several glorious character-defining moments. We had a death (or did we…?), romance, blood and sex. Well, this is True Blood after all. Only nine more episodes until the final nail in the coffin. *SOB*

Tara dies (again)

So Tara has bitten the proverbial bullet yet again. She first died in the finale of season 4 before being turned into a vampire in the season five premiere, but has she died again? My heart says yes, but my brain screams no. Cue the rant… Firstly: Rutina Wesley has been with the show since day one and has appeared in every episode, yet we don’t actually see her die – surely the writers wouldn’t do such a disservice to a long standing cast member and friend? Secondly: Lettie Mae later see’s Tara (which we’ll get too shortly). Thirdly: Rutina has teased that “dead doesn’t always mean gone” so surely she’ll return in some guise. Fourth: Rutina was still credited as a staring cast member, whereas Janina Gavankar (who similarly died minutes into the season six premiere) was downgraded to a special guest character. Fifth: Pam doesn’t bat an eyelid at her daughter and lover’s apparent demise. Sure, she’s on the hunt for Eric, but she’d at least shed a bloody tear surely? Six: after six seasons Tara has just made amends with her mother (who is now a main character again) so why do something so character-defining if you mean to off one of them merely minutes later without exploring this new dynamic? The list goes on. I am 100% certain we’ll see Tara again in some shape or form.

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1 - Tara

Lala and his new beau

Watch out Jessica, Lala gon’ steal yo’ man! Lala is drowning his sorrows at Tara’s demise and he feels relief, weirdly, probably because she is no longer suffering. It’s hard viewing to watch my beloved Lala so torn. He’s assigned James 2.0 as his vamp protector, and in an effort to make the viewers like the newly cast Nathan Parsons we are told his backstory which made me fall in love with his instantly. I didn’t like the old one anyway. But James 2.0 hints at his bisexuality (which vamps have shown previously) so surely Lala and James 2.0 are gonna hook up? I fucking hope so! Lala deserves some happiness. LONG LIVE LALA.

2 - Lala

Jessica and Adilyn

Jessica and Adilyn’s bonding scenes were incredibly sweet to behold and it brought a smile to my face. Adilyn is so naïve and young and I hope Jess manages to bring her out of her shell. That said I hope their animosity doesn’t last the entire season. We don’t have long left y’all and I want to see Jess happy before her inevitable death.

3 - Jessica

The Lady Go Fuck Yourself plays with death

Wasn’t Pam so sassy? Well of course, it is Pam after all. She doesn’t get to do much this episode, but she has her usual sarcastic comments. She’s looking for Eric, who rumour has it appears in an erotic scene with Jason next episode… But it appears that Go Fuck Yourself would do just about anything to find her maker, even risking her own life.

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4 - Pam

Sookie reads minds

These scenes instantly reminded me of the first episode where Sookie was drowned in thoughts before finding blessed relief from Bill and it hints that the show is returning to its roots. It’s long overdue in my opinion, but I wish everyone would stop blaming Sookie. Even without her getting involved with Bill, Sarah would still have been involved in the creation of the Hep V virus. To paraphrase Chris Crocker: LEAVE SOOKIE ALONE.

5 - Sookie

Jason finally gets laid

So after performing cunnilingus on Violet for six months, Jason and Violet decide the perfect time to fuck is when they are searching for their lost friends? Yeah, sure, it’s not as though there are more pressing matters to hand… That said, it was a hot sex scene. Hopefully they’ll be many more to come before the final nail.

6 - Jason

Lettie Mae is high

Please don’t make Lettie Mae return to her addictive ways! But it’s so nice to have her back on my screen I’d probably accept any storyline they threw at her. Her reunion with Tara was incredibly short-lived though! My current theory is that since Lala is a medium he and Lettie will contact Tara (if she’s even dead anyway… she could have glamoured Lettie into thinking she was dead!) and Tara will continue as a spirit/vamp. I can hope!

7 - Lettie Mae

Fangtasia returns

So the Hep V vampiress aren’t entirely ruthless – they have a plan, and it involves kidnapping several secondary characters in order to give them some form of storyline. Who’ll die first? Arlene, hopefully. Holly, probably. Nicole, definitely. Sam’s love interests don’t have a particularly long lifeline after all. As a side note I’m thinking the zombies infected vamps are controlled by someone/thing as they all left Bellefleur’s after a claxon. Maybe this seasons big bad?

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8 - Fangtasia 2

I fucking hate Vince already

Kill this cunt already. He’s doing my fucking head in. Enough said.

9 - Vince

Kevin dies

Nowhere near as shocking as Tara’s demise, but Kevin (who’s appeared in every season) dying shows that anyone can and will die. Expect lots and lots of death, including fan favourites. BUT Kevin gets a death scene and Tara doesn’t? Don’t be surprised to see her pop up again somewhere down the line… We NEED to see her, Lala and Sookie as BFF’S again.

10 - Kevin

A strong opener with a great deal of character development right out the door. We are happy to see True Blood back on our screens and can’t wait to see what happens when the show returns next week.

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