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Much like its predecessor, ‘Karma’ was a slow-burning affair which still managed to draw the story on nicely. We had some great character moments, which were needed given that there are only four episodes left now. We’ve had ample action over the past six years – now we need to see these characters settling down and living.

Sarah is the cure

As predicted, there is a cure to the Hep-V virus, thankfully – but in an ingenious twist Sarah ingested the cure likely in the hope of the vampires sparing her. I see this going two ways: either Sarah will die and her blood will be synthesised and distributed in the Tru Blood bottles, or Sarah will live and escape whilst the cure will be spread through the exchange of blood. Either way it looks as though Bill and Eric have a cure at hand. This being True Blood,though, you just know it isn’t going to be that simple. Someone has to die. The big bad of each season always claims a victim and as I said a few weeks back, the Hep-V virus functions as the big bad of season seven.

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1 - Sarah

Lala and Tara reunited

Tara returned again this week as Lala and Lettie Mae tripped back into the dream state. Her return was intriguing. She once more lamented in strange tongues, but this time we saw her travel to her old home and proceed to dig up her garden. Something is surely buried there … I still stand by my theory of Tara somehow returning as a human in the series finale. There just has to be some big payoff for her storyline this season, otherwise she could have been killed and retired completely.

2 - Tara

Sookie is infected

So it turns out Sookie DID infect Bill after all. This will surely spur Sookie on to find the cure due to her feeling guilty about placing the death sentence over Bill. She’ll have to find Sarah first, though. Perhaps her fairy powers can be used to track her? The Comic-Con trailer, released over the weekend, showed us a glimpse of Niall Brigant returning and helping Sookie with something, so perhaps this is why he returns?

3 - Sookie

Bill’s Hep-V accelerates

Bill’s Hep-V has accelerated at an unbelievable rate. Why, I hear you ask? Well, it’s simple, really. Sookie needs motivation to find the cure, and how better to motivate her than to make Bill’s time on Earth quickly evaporate? It’ll amp up the drama for sure but I think Sookie will do something foolish in her desire to be speedy. Perhaps culminating in the death of Jason, Pam or Jessica …

4 - Bill

 “Our first sunrise”

I wish Eric and Pam were still in Bon Temps. Their storyline this season is just too disconnected from everything else and it sticks out. At least in other seasons we had 862,455-million storylines occurring in 862,455-million places – but now everything is situated in Bon Temps. Everything apart from Eric, Pam and Sarah. Pam wasn’t sassy this week but I did love her tender scene with Eric as they faced the sunrise together. Part of me actually wished they would burn. That way they would have departed together.

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5 - Eric and Pam

The Stackhouse siblings

This was a beautifully tender character moment that reminded me why I love these characters. Sookie and Jason are incredibly believable as siblings and they have been through a lot together. I like their scenes like this, when they have no danger and when it’s just the two of them together. It reminded me of their reduced plot in season five, thrown in to accommodate Anna Paquin’s pregnancy. I hope we get a couple more before Jason dies.

6 - Stackhouse

Sookie comforts Jessica

Another great character moment came from the shared grief of Sookie and Jessica. You can just picture Sookie as a surrogate mother to Jessica – perhaps that’s how it’ll end up when Sookie eventually reignites her love with Bill. To be honest, I’ll take any ending for Sookie so long as she doesn’t end up a vampire. I think that would be too much of a cop-out.

7 - Sookie and Jess

Violet becomes volatile

I’m surprised Violet survived this episode. I thought after her hearing Jason and Jessica in the previous episode, we would surely see her meet the true death. That has to happen in the next episode. She has gone truly crazy: trashing her house, dumping Jason, and sort-of kidnapping Adilyn and Wade.

Adilyn has had a lot of shit in her short life but I wouldn’t mind her dying. At this point (aside from James) I care more about the originals than the newbies.

8 - Violet

I am loving Arlene this season!

Killing Terry off was the best thing that could have happened for Arlene. The girl got feisty. She’s got so much sass this season and I am just loving her. I’ve changed my stance on her: I want her to survive. She does, after all, have three children to care for (even if she always forgets them). Give her some happiness with Keith! Just don’t resurrect the smoke monster.

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9 - Arlene

Violet is sure to die next week – do you agree? And who else do you think will or should perish before the final nail in the coffin?


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