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Whilst not as good as last week’s stunning ‘Death is Not the End’ this weeks episode of True Blood was still much better than the opening two episodes of the final season. ‘Lost Cause’ was a much needed calmer episode to give us, and the characters, room to breath after the bloodbath that has been season seven thus far. That said, I have a feeling ‘Lost Cause’ was the calm before the storm. Next week, I predict, shit is gonna go down.

Bill has Hep-V

In a HUGE twist the final shot reveals Bill too is infected with Hep-V. If I ever had doubts that Eric would indeed die, those doubts have now vanished. The Hep-V virus will be cured. It has to be. There is simply no way that the show is going to end with the death of two of the three central characters. Kill one, yes (preferably Eric), but not both. The show is ultimately about Sookie’s life and she needs one of the vampires in her life. The final season is about Sookie and Bill, so surely they are the endgame? A lot of people online think Sookie is infected since she is the only person Bill had drank from, but I think otherwise. I think Sookie will somehow be the key to saving those infected. She is, after all, the central character of the show.

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1 - Bill

James and Lala get it on

Wow, what a week for Lala! His initial scenes with James were very sweet indeed and I am so glad he and James finally hooked up. His heated argument with Jess was incredible to behold and he took her down a peg or two. Everything he said was justified, and it helped unite two couples: Lala and James will obviously hook up for good now, and Jess and Jason reaffirm their desire for one another. More on that soon.

2 - Lala and James

Eulogies to Alcide and Tara

So Jackson is still around, but I didn’t find myself minding so much. The scenes in which he and Lettie lamented their fallen children were incredibly bittersweet, showing that True Blood can be sincere when it needs to be. This episode reminded me of season ones incredible ‘Cold Ground’ and yet it contrasted heavily with it. But it showed that Sookie needs the people of Bon Temps around her, and that they too need her.

3 - Eulogies

Ginger the [not so] sex slave

Ginger’s appearance was short this week, but boy did she treat us to some memorable lines. Please, just please let her and Eric fuck once before the end of the show. That, to me, is the only credible way to end Ginger’s storyline. Oh, and she screamed again. Boy did she scream. We’ve missed that.

4 - Ginger

Everybody loves Sookie

In some pretty powerful scenes contrasting with the end of the first episode ‘Jesus Gonna Be Here’, Sookie reads the townspeople’s mind’s once again and finds that they embrace her as one of their own. This town has seen some pretty fucked up shit, so one mind reader isn’t all that strange after shapeshifters, maenads and the smoke monster from Lost. It’s nice to see everyone loving Sookie.

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5 - Sookie

Lettie Mae goes cray-cray (again)

Lettie Mae is just desperate to see Tara again. I hope this latest bout of craziness is enough to make Lala repent and contact the other side. And I hope Sookie is there also – I am desperate for one final scene between Sookie, Tara and Lala. How I miss Tara, but the trailer for episode six shows Tara once more adorning that weird cross-thing so she’ll be back soon.

6 - Lettie Mae

Sookie’s final embrace with Alcide

In another tender moment Sookie has a final embrace with Alcide (of sorts) as she bids farewell to him. It was nice to see Sookie finally dealing with the death of her loved ones but I still predict another big death to make her finally embrace the seriousness of death again. And like I’ve argued several times, I still think that someone will be Jason…

7 - Sookie embrace

Jason and Jessica get it on

Jason and Jess fuck as Violet listens at the doorway. I was surprised; I expected Violet to storm in and kick off. Surely that is how the next episode is going to go down? Jess vs Violet. Who lives? Violet just has to go now – she is a good character but she is in the way of Jason and Jess and her constant angriness is starting to grate a little.

8 - Jason and Jess

Andy makes peace with Jessica

Andy finally makes peace with Jessica and I hope this is the end of this storyline. As necessary as it was, there simply isn’t enough time left to focus on subplots like this. This was a pretty big episode for Jess, but I have a feeling her happiness with Jason will be short lived. I still think Jason, Jessica and Pam will be the big three to die in the coming episodes.

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9 - Andy and Jess

Andy proposes

Awwwwwww, Andy was sweet again. I happen to think he and Holly will live happily ever after without either dying. They are too disconnected from the vampire plot to actually die, especially considering how the Hep-V/Walking Dead subplot seems to have been wrapped up. That said I think one of Holly’s boys will die. Otherwise why upgrade them to main cast?

10 - Andy and Holly

Sarah is saved

How funny was Pam this episode?! First she made a new BFF in Sarah’s vampire sister, and then next she declared that she was a Republi-cunt! Another line of pure gold from Pam. As much as I am enjoying Pam and Eric being all nicey-nice again, their storyline is too disconnected from the others to really appreciate it. That said, it is necessary to see the end of Sarah. But… anyone else have a feeling Sarah will actually survive the season’s end?

11 - Sarah saved

We are at the halfway point now and we’ve had some pretty big deaths. Who’s next?

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