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‘Love Is to Die’ was everything that a penultimate episode needed to be. It nicely wrapped up the majority of the characters’ stories, more or less, and it ended on a stonker of a cliffhanger. This was True Blood at its best, and one of the best episodes in the entire run.


I’ve long touted Pam’s demise and here I finally thought it was coming to fruition. I viewed this entire scene through my fingers, too scared to watch. I was sure Pam was going to die, but like many times this series she has gotten a reprise. This reprise doesn’t squander my fear however – if anything it’s only amped up my anticipation of what will become of everybody’s favourite vampire in the series finale.

Kristen Bauer was stunning in this short scene, displaying an array of emotions through her facial expressions. I always love it when we see Pam’s vulnerable side (similarly seen in the opening scene, before Pam ruined it with her trademark sass). Mr Gus and the Yakuza need to die now. They’ve threatened Pam one too many times for my liking.

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Jessica is released

I’ve always loved Jess’ relationship with her maker and this scene was brutal to watch. Bill seems resigned to die and he released Jessica after giving a heartfelt and harrowing speech about how proud he is of his progeny. It was totally believable – Stephen Moyer was likely speaking more of the actress Deborah has become rather than the vampire Jess matured into, but nevertheless it worked. I’m going to miss their father/daughter relationship.

Sarah dyes

This scene was Pam at her best. It was laugh-out-loud from start to finish. For some reason, the Yakuza think it best if Sarah returns to her blonde roots and who best to dye her? Pam, of course. Her gag-o remove-o line was brilliant, as was, ‘Yeah, whorehouse they understand. Of course.’ It was brilliant to see two feisty women together, even if one of them was a shell of their former self. Pam told Sarah what will ultimately become of her – no, she isn’t Mary of Bethlehem, she’s going to end up like Mary the whore for the entire world to abuse her. Somehow I still think Sarah will ultimately survive.

Jason soundtracks Jess and Hoyt’s reunion

This scene was True Blood doing sincere, and it was amongst the best. We witnessed Hoyt and Jessica reuniting in carnal passion with Jason lamenting about how they are meant to be. Too bad it took him four seasons to realise, huh? The series finale will likely see Hoyt and Jason becoming BFF’s again. That’s if Jason survives.

Ginger DOESN’T scream

If this is the last we see of Ginger (and it probably will be) I’ll be happy with her resolution. She finally, FINALLY fucks Eric. Well, not really. It’s a laugh-out-loud scene in which Ginger straddles Eric upon his throne and barely a second after Eric’s entered her, she collapses on the ground after emitting a high-pitched warble. Surprisingly she doesn’t scream during sex! Who’d have thought it? This is the only credible ending for Ginger, and one which will likely make many fans happy.

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Lala and James are happy

It seems as though Lala is getting the happily ever after he deserves. He seems happy. Genuinely happy. And that makes me happy as a viewer. This has been one of Lala’s strongest seasons and even if he doesn’t have a big role in the final episode I’ll be happy to know he ends up with James. PLEASE True Blood writers, DON’T kill Lala off!

Sam departs for pastures new (but I have a feeling he’ll return next week)

Two episodes later and Sam finally makes his decision, deciding to leave Bon Temps with Nicole. It was a beautiful little scene in which Sam explained his decisions and he honestly looked happy with Nicole, even if he always felt at home in Bon Temps. We’ll likely see Sam again in the finale (probably in a montage) but for a resolution to his character arc, it’s satisfying enough for me.

The final showdown incoming

The Yakuza are coming, Sookie. Y’all best be ready.

This is how I see the finale episode going down. Sookie will use up her remaining fairy powers to rid the world of the Yakuza and Mr Gus, and in doing so Sookie will be fae-no-more. Therefore the vampires won’t be drawn to her light, and nor will she be drawn to their darkness. But Sookie will still choose to be with Bill, and Bill will finally drink the antidote after realising Sookie wants to be with him for him, and not the darkness inside of him.

Cheesy? Probably. Satisfying? Definitely. To be honest I’ll settle for anything with Sookie (even Bill dying) so long as Sookie doesn’t become a vampire. That, for me, will be a cop-out.

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Jason and Bridgette will likely be endgame

Well maybe I was wrong. This episode showed Jason and Bridgette as an entirely credible, sweet couple. After seven seasons of flings and fucks, Jason seems ready to settle down. He’s come on an incredible journey and I think I would be happy to see him settle down with Bridgette. We’ve seen the beginning of their relationship – we don’t necessarily need to see any more. Well, a montage at the end will be nice, to see Jason with children. Perhaps a little girl named Adele whom he wants desperately to protect.

Bill and Eric

This scene between Bill and Eric felt like a goodbye scene. It didn’t tug at the heartstrings but it was bittersweet nevertheless. And if this is the end of them, well at least they parted on good terms and no longer feel animosity for one another.

Only one episode remains before True Blood meets the true death. How do you think it’ll all end? If you want to own a piece of television history check out the True Blood auction now.

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