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‘May Be the Last One’ was a slow episode yes, but it was also a beautiful one. It paralleled with season one, showing how a lot of these characters have [nearly] come full-circle. There was still plenty of drama, intrigue and blood – and lots of returning characters.


Sookie and Bill’s first time… wait, didn’t that already happen?

Starkly contrasting with Sookie and Bill’s first time way back in season one, Sookie ended up in Bill’s arms once more as she choose him over a hypothetical future Niall had mapped out for her. As nice as it would be to see Sookie settle down, get married and have children, within the narrative of True Blood that just isn’t possible. The only plausible conclusion for Sookie is for her to end up with either Bill or Eric, and to be honest I think her ending up with Eric will be a bit of a stretch. They’ve barely interacted since season 4, so there’s just no possible way they can end up together. Sookie and Bill is the endgame.

Niall’s words of wisdom

In the first of several returning characters this week, Niall triumphantly returned from the Faerie plane to seemingly help Sookie save Bill. He ultimately didn’t, but he offered her a second future path, one which paralleled with Bill’s flashback narrative of marrying and bearing children. Sookie didn’t choose it here, and hopefully she won’t choose it in the final episode. I want Niall to return one last time, just to reconcile with Sookie. They didn’t part on the best terms.

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Noomi dies tonight

Both Jason and Steve said in Sarah Noomi’s visions that she was going to die “tonight”. Will she? I still have a feeling Sarah will somehow survive the season’s final cull and live happily ever after somewhere, but how can she get out of her current predicament? Perhaps she can strike some form of deal – her blood in exchange for her life? I don’t know how it’s going to play out but Sarah returning has to have some narrative closure. She could have easily died at Jason’s behest last season but she survived. She has to have survived for some reason.

Hoyt returns to Bon Temps

How sweet was it to see Hoyt back in Bon Temps? His scenes with Jason were heartfelt and tender but you just know that isn’t going to last for long. Somehow Hoyt is going to regain his memories. Otherwise there wasn’t really any point in having him return to Bon Temps. He’s a main character this season, meaning he needs some storyline and that storyline will (probably) lead him to reconciling with Jessica. She is his only tie in Bon Temps, even if everyone else wants Jessica and Jason to finally (!) hook up for good.

Steve! Burrell! Dr Ludwig!

Dr Ludwig’s return was a nice throwback to seasons 2 and 4, and her miniscule demeanour getting out of the great, hulking car was a laugh-out-loud moment. But it was Steve’s return which was the greatest. He is a much-missed character who returned to torment Sarah one last time. Their reunion occurred in the Fellowship of the Sun headquarters, last seen in season 2, and it was a brilliant little scene which showed the full extent of Sarah’s lies and her downfall. She had it all, once upon a time. Burrell’s decapitated head, whilst only being a reused prop from last year, was a nice touch also. They’re surely going to jam as many old characters into this season as possible. Lorena, Gran and Rene will likely pop up somewhere along the line, and possibly even Jesus to give Lala his blessing on his new relationship with James.

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Eric’s 49% share in the Yakonomo Corporation

Eric has sided with Mr Gus in his radical plan to synthesise and market Sarah Newlins blood under the moniker ‘New Blood’. I called this plot last week but you just know it isn’t going to run that smoothly. I expect Eric to double-cross Mr Gus somewhere along the line, and I also expect Eric to die. He’s given up the fight and seems resigned to his inevitable fate.

Violet has overstayed her welcome nowViolet should have died two episodes ago. And yet she’s still here, lingering. This plot is a drag on True Blood. Nobody cares about her, Adilyn or Wade. It had best be wrapped up in the next episode because with only three episodes (SOB) left we really don’t have time to linger on dead plots like this. Had Violet been introduced a few seasons ago she could have flourished, but with this being the final season she just has to go. Jessica and Jason need to be the endgame, even if one of them will probably die.

Arlene and Keith are sweetSo are Arlene and Keith going to share a sexless relationship? Somehow I don’t see that happening. But if New Blood is distributed worldwide their relationship could blossom from dancing to fucking. Either way I want Arlene to survive. She’s really come around this season and she is back to her old season one self.

Sam contemplates leavingSam contemplates leaving Bon Temps. Rather than drag this out for three more episodes I have the answer here: do it. Sam used to be one of my favourite characters but the were-plot ruined him for me and he’s done nothing this season. Let him leave and be happy. Sooner rather than later.

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Lala and Lettie Mae and… Tara?Likely thrown in just so Lala appears in every episode of True Blood, Lala and Lettie Mae have a fleeting visit to Tara’s old house, last seen in the V-trip. Just what are they digging for? I have a weird feeling that the little girl in the house is Tara herself. She is the spitting-double of Avion Baker who has played a younger version of Tara since season one. Either this is still the V-trip or they have somehow travelled back in time or both time periods are somehow occurring at the same time… You just know in the next episode the girls “mama” is going to end up being Lettie! I still think Tara is going to come back to life somehow in the series finale, and this could be how.


What did you think of the latest True Blood episode? Is Violet’s time up? Is Tara going to return somehow? Sound out below.

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