True Blood Season 6 – Midseason Review

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It’s halfway through and True Blood season six is shaping up to be the best season since the third, way back in 2010. The show feels trimmed back, with the storylines connecting more than last year and the new characters feel more rounded than Roman and Salomé from the dismal Authority plot. So why is season six so good? Contains spoilers.

First and foremost Sookie is featured a lot more, likely due to the fact that she was heavily pregnant through the last few episodes of the fifth run. Her storyline is an interesting one and it appears as though the character of Warlow (or Ben, if you prefer) has changed from what he was originally intended to be. I get the impression that Alan Ball wanted him to be evil, the big bad of season six but Brian Buckner, the new showrunner, has changed that (for the better, I personally think). Robert Kazinsky isn’t the greatest actor in the world, but he seems good enough for the character he has been given. Whilst I don’t really want Sookie and Warlow to get together I have a feeling that they’re going to at least sleep together. I think there’s going to be a power struggle arising between him and Bill (or Billith) which will culminate in the final episode. My prediction is Warlow will die and Bill will become Bill again, somehow. Stephen Moyer isn’t going to be leaving when his wife is still on the show.

Next onto Eric. His bickering with Pam, and Pam’s subsequent bickering with Tara, has been tedious to watch but it seems as if that is finally over. Pam’s counselling scenes were the stand-out scenes from F**k the Pain Away, the fifth episode in this shortened season, as they brought back the Pam we know and love. Sassy, sarcastic and overall amazing. Eric has also had an interesting storyline this time round, siring a new progeny in the form of Willa Burrell, but his plan hasn’t worked. I think the next episode is going to be interesting. Eric will, I am sure, do anything to protect his children and if that means sacrificing himself so that Pam survives I think he would actually do it. With Alexander Skarsgård’s profile rising higher than ever will Eric really be killed off? Maybe not, but I have a feeling that he’ll have a reduced role in the upcoming seventh (!) season.

Criminally underused Lafayette finally got some sort of storyline in the last episode, summoning Sookie’s parents and helping her find the truth about how they wanted to kill her to protect her from Warlow. But Lafayette has now been possessed and is trying to kill Sookie. Again, here is my prediction of things to come: I believe Billith will release Warlow to stop him from killing Takahashi, the scientist who synthesized blood and Warlow will come and rescue Sookie, at the cost of Lafayette’s life. It’s been stated numerous times that a big death is coming, and with Lafayette’s reduced role this season I have a feeling that we’re going to be saying goodbye to my personal favourite character. I for one, and I know there are plenty of others too, will be absolutely devastated if this is the case. If Lala dies I can see a grieving Tara blame herself since she hasn’t yet made up with Lala and Sookie. I miss these three being together but I highly doubt that we will get any more scenes of them as one, at least alive anyway. But if Lala dies I would like one final appearance from Jesus so that we know he and Lala are together in the afterlife.

I have actually, surprisingly, found myself rather enjoying Andy’s storyline this season. I like this side of Andy. I feel very sorry for Jessica, who couldn’t help herself and killed off three of Andy’s four children. You have to remember that Jessica is still only a baby vampire and she doesn’t have the restraint that Bill does. So Jessica, and Bill are in trouble with Andy, but out of those three who do you really think would die, if any? Bill and Jessica are safe, I’m sure. I just want Jessica and Jason to finally get together, like properly!

The werewolf subplot is worse than ever, so I’m really not going to say much on the matter at all. All I will say is Sam, a character I once loved, is now one of my least favourite characters. Kill him, and Alcide, and the rest of the were’s off already! Although I doubt this will happen. I have a feeling Sam will out the shifters at the end of the season, and the seventh season will focus on that some more. Holly, Steve and Sarah have also been underused this season. Holly will survive, I am sure. Sarah will die, I am sure. But with Steve I really have no idea. I want him to live… but you never know with this show. And finally Arlene and Terry… again, characters I want to die. Terry has asked his army buddy to help him die so I REALLY hope this happens.

So there we have it. On paper it appears like a mixed show at the minute but the good storylines (and there are a lot of them, I assure you) vastly outweigh the lacklustre ones and the show is back on top form. I have an image in my mind that I will leave you with. I think the final shot of season six will be the vampires stepping out into the sun, after Bill successfully synthesizes Warlow’s blood. An eerie shot, I know, but it would certainly set up a good storyline for the next season…

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