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Rumour has it an erotic dream between Jason and Eric has been filmed for the upcoming seventh and final (SOB) season of True Blood. Why this occurs six months after Jason has Eric’s blood confuses the lore of True Blood, but I’m willing to forgive this lapse providing there’s plenty of flesh on show.

That said, I thought in anticipation of the final season it would be a good idea to look back at some of the hottest homo[erotic] moments in the shows history. It’s a male-orientated list, so you have been warned. And it’s certainly NSFW.

10 - Alcide

10. Alcide & Rikki go doggy wolf style (5×08)

There is no redeeming Alcide. The wolf subplot was just boring. But, he does have a butt to die for. And it’s never shown better than in season five when he literally pounces upon Rikki (who?). It’s flashed up a couple times since, but Alcide as a character is exclusively interested in women, unfortunately. One more naked scene, and then kill him, please.


9. Jason fantasises about Jessica Hoyt (4×05)

9 - Jason and Hoyt

This scene would have listed higher had more flesh been shown and had Jessica fucked off and let the men make guy-love. Hoyt was so adorable, and Jason is so, well, fucking hot. He creeps up more than any other guy on this list, purely because of his adorable dorkiness, and his hot ass.

8 - Eric and Talbot

8. Eric & Talbot go doggy style (3×08)

Had more flesh been shown, this scene would surely have made it higher on my list. That said, it is hot, even though it’s short. Eric stakes Talbot (in more than one way) whilst going doggy with him. Talbot’s eyes nearly pop out of his head when Eric penetrates him with his big member. The consensus of the show appears to be that vampires can swing both ways, and Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer have both been rather vocal in the past about hooking up on screen. Maybe it’s time to give the viewers what they so want?

7 - Bill and Sookie

7. Bill & Sookie’s first shag (1×06-07)

It’s not particularly explicit, but boy is Sookie and Bill’s first hook-up erotic. A whole lot of teasing, some tongue action, and a flash of ass. What more could you want? There’s been a distinct lack of Bill nakedness of late, so I expect the show to deliver before the final nail in the coffin (pun intended).

6 - Jason and Warlow

6. Jason shaves Warlow (before checking if he has a hard-on) (6×04)

Jason had a boner, you just know it. Even if he won’t admit it. This scene was dripping in sex, but there wasn’t enough flesh for my liking. The Jason/Eric scene had better deliver more. But it was high on the erotic, and certainly high on the homo.

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5 - Eric

5. Little Eric (6×10)

Well, little Eric was certainly… little, wasn’t he? But hat’s off to Alexander for flashing, even if the scene was brief. It was gratuitous nudity (but that’s the best kind, right?) and I can’t be the only one hoping that when Eric turns up in season seven he’s still sans clothing (even if it is six months later)?

4 - Jason dance

4. Jason’s Bush dance (1×03)

Now this is how to do hotness without explicitly showing anything. Jason, in tighty-whities and a George Bush mask was one of the hottest moments in True Blood’s history. He slaps his own ass as Lala deliciously delivers sassy comments. Jason starts so awkwardly but quickly gets into it, giving Lala, and the viewers, what he wants. You just know he loved it.

3 - Eric and Sookie

3. Eric & Sookie’s shower fuck (4×08)

In a scene that deviated substantially from the novels (but then again, so does pretty much everything from True Blood), Eric and Sookie hook-up, giving the viewers a close-up of Eric’s ass as Sookie grabs a hand-full. Hands off gurl, leave some for the viewers. Had her hand not been there, we’d have been given a much better view. But we can forgive her, because there’s plenty of Eric nakedness in season four.

2 - Bill and Sam

2. Bill & Sam’s almost shower fuck (3×01)

Damn that bitch for waking Sam. The water in Arkansas is hard, and you just know Sam was about to get it nice and hard. Probably doggy style (pun intended, thank you). Bill’s southern drawl has never sounded hotter than when he says “hard”. Oh, if only Sam had rolled over and fallen back asleep *sigh*.

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1 - Jason ass

1. Jason’s hottest sex scene ever (1×02)

Not homoerotic at all, but this scene wins based purely upon the shots of Jason’s flexing ass. Damn does he have a nice ass. There’s all kinds of pent-up angst released as Jason goes nice and hard, giving Dawn exactly what she wants whilst also treating the viewer’s simultaneously.

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