Twelve things we want from the Twelfth Doctor

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Unless you live under a rock you should all be aware that the return of Doctor Who and the introduction of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor is imminent. In fact, it’s as close as August 23…

Below I list just some of the things we at Vada want from the new run. Most likely won’t happen, but you can’t really call yourself a Doctor Who fan if you haven’t got your dream series mapped out entirely in your head.

1. A new Doctor equals a new dynamic. I personally want Clara to become closer to Twelve than she ever did with Eleven. Clara did have the opportunity to get close to Eleven but she only appeared in 12 episodes with him, and 9 of them were when she was solely a plot device with no character development. After experiencing some initial wariness, I want Clara and Twelve to become the best of friends. Think Donna and Ten.

2. Clara needs further development. She wasn’t utilised effectively in series 7 due to the story arc revolving around her but once that arc ended she did come into her own in Eleven’s final episodes. Now is the perfect opportunity for some much needed development. Bring back her family, give her her own story, and give Jenna some decent material to play with. Then she’s sure to become a fan favourite companion.

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3. The Daleks will be retuning in ‘Into The Dalek’, the second episode in the run. After that – RETIRE THEM. Seriously. I want some form of story to depict the Dalek’s retreating from the universe for the time being so they can be given a rest. A lot of fans are tired of them returning.

4. Two new companions are supposedly joining the TARDIS for an unknown number of episodes – Samuel Anderson’s Danny Pink and Ellis George’s Courtney. So long as these are more engaging than the Maitland kid’s it should be entertaining. I like stories with more companions and if Danny and Courtney are good, I would like them to become fulltime companions. I have a feeling I’m gonna like Danny.

5. Madame Vastra, Strax and Jenny will be returning in the opener ‘Deep Breath’ in a supporting role but I want them to return later in the series to take centre stage in a similar manner to series 7’s ‘The Crimson Horror’. That was a delight of an episode that expanded these mostly comical characters.

6. A darker tone will recur throughout Twelve’s debut run. I however want a mixture of dark and light as too much darkness may be slightly off-putting. I do however predict that Twelve will be a grumpy old sod like the First Doctor. He is, essentially, the first Doctor in a new regeneration cycle after all…

7. The Cybermen will be returning in the two-part final. This needs to be a good episode otherwise the Cybermen just cannot be redeemed. Their last few episodes have been rather lacklustre to say the least. That said, I have faith in the Moff. He did after all treat us to the stunning ‘Asylum of the Daleks’.

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8. I have a feeling some other old monsters will be returning so we concurrently need some new good monsters. We need a new Weeping Angel, a new Ood. Something that the fans will love but find scary nevertheless. There are rumours that the Weeping Angels will show up in the finale also – DON’T DO IT. Cut those scenes. The Weeping Angels need to vanish for good now.

9. The Moff’s had some truly tantalising story arcs but the last one, with Clara being the Impossible Girl, was a bit of a let-down. Its realisation was spectacular, but the build-up and the tease weren’t. I have no idea what form the arc will take this series, but I hope it’s something to do with the recently returned Gallifrey. That said, I want Twelve to spend a few series looking for it rather than it returning this series. It’ll make the payoff all the better.

10. Jemma Redgrave’s Kate Stewart and Ingrid Oliver’s Osgood will be returning in the final also. As brilliant as these characters are, I hope that there is a point in bringing them back. I hope they are given something to do. Otherwise why bother?

11. A fair amount of guest stars have been announced thus far – Ben Miller, Hermione Norris, Frank Skinner and Foxes to name but a few. Big name stars like these need to be utilised effectively. Think Kylie’s Astrid, and not Bill Bailey’s Droxil. Who? Exactly.

12. Ultimately what we need is a stunning run of episodes to celebrate the new Doctor. Something vastly different to Eleven’s final series. Nine, Ten and Eleven all had incredibly strong opening series’ so I expect Capaldi’s Twelve to similarly have a decent run. If he does, he’ll be a success.

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So there you have Vada’s wishlist on the new series and the new Doctor. What do (or don’t) you want to see? Sound out below in the comments.


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