#WATCH: Trailer for Margaret Cho’s Mercy Mistress

Daniel Wren

Image: MercyMistress.com

LGBT icon Margaret Cho is producing a new queer-friendly web series which follows the life of an Asian-American BDSM ‘mistress’.

It’s written by Yin Quan, an actual BDSM practitioner and kink ritualist, who adapted the show from her memoirs.

Speaking to IndieWire, Cho says, ‘It’s not about some weird dude with a helicopter, you know? Those kinds of images don’t really ring true in my world of kink.’

Cho has been open about her own experiences as a bisexual woman on San Francisco’s kink scene.

‘I think [the show] is actually very true to the lifestyle and what people really do, which is much sexier, and a lot more fun, and much more relatable and interesting.’

It hits screens 7 January 2019. Find out more online, or watch the videos below.

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