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Got some time to kill on your lunch break or commute? Sick of trawling Grindr and done with Angry Birds? Worry not! I have the answer. Below are five gay-friendly YouTube channels guaranteed to fill the entertainment gap in your lives. Warning: Some may be NSFW.


Your New Go-To Place For All Things LGBT: Gwist

A brand new network from the founders of Logo, Gwist is “TV with a twist” and comprises a number of individual channels, from the satire “Steam Room Stories”, which offers up comedy sketches featuring ripped guys in towels, to the more serious “Gwissues”, a discussion area for current LGBT issues.

Your New Internet Crush: Davey Wavey

The gay vlogger who seems to not own a single shirt, Davey Wavey, has been a YouTube fixture for years now, providing perspectives and nuggets of insight on different aspects of gay life, from internet dating to overcoming stereotypes – always with a cheeky smile.

Your New Pop Culture Obsession: The You Generation

Simon Cowell’s latest project, a global online talent search in partnership with YouTube, launched this week. If you’re one of those people who tunes in to every reality show going, from Britain’s Got Talent to Strictly Come Dancing to Top Dog Model, there is almost certainly something here for you; the competition is set to run for an entire year, over 26 countries in 15 different languages, and will feature entries from singers, dancers, comedians, and a whole lot more. Even if you’re something of a reality snob, it’s worth a quick look, as this may well change the way TV shows are produced in the future.

Your New Funnybone Tickler: Comediva

Gays love funny women. It’s a fact. And with that universal truth in mind, I present Comediva, the home of comedy sketches written and performed mainly by women. Treats include the web series “Lesbros”, which chronicles the friendship between straight guy Luis and gay girl Vickie, and the incredibly gay-friendly “BAMF Girls Club”, a spoof reality show which places Buffy Summers, Hermione Granger, Lisbeth Salander and Katniss Everdeen in a house together. Bella Swann (perhaps the least BAMF girl in the world) is also on hand to provide contrast and easy laughs.

Your New Guilty Pleasure: Sherry Vine

If there’s one thing gay guys love more than a funny girl, it’s a funny drag queen. My first instinct was to include William Belli here, one third of the drag trio behind smash spoof ‘Boy Is A Bottom’. (If you haven’t heard this song yet, I honestly don’t know what you’ve been using the internet for). But credit where credit is due; Sherry Vine has been starring in high concept, wildly inappropriate pop parody videos for years now. The channel is worth a visit for her Lady Gaga parodies alone, of which there are more than a few. Each adequately skewers the self-aware, avante garde artist in the crudest manner possible. My personal favourite remains ‘Shit My Pants’, Vine’s scatological tribute to ‘Bad Romance’.

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