A Bad Gay’s Diary: 11 January 2016

Jack Thomlinson
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Cigarettes smoked: 0 (for now)
Alcoholic drinks: 1
People Stalked: 1

Clients hated my ideas so it’s back to the drawing board! After three years doing this job, I have a second sense for this. I’m sure they’ll change their minds tomorrow, but to be safe I’m going to do another few drawings. No doubt they’ll waste more of my time tomorrow too. Another case of smart clients not actually knowing what they want. Actually, people in glass houses and all that…

Also had lunch with James today. Depressing! All he talked about was the house he and his boyfriend are moving into. If this progresses to marriage then I’m going to have to get some therapy to stop loving him. Is it love?

Perhaps I’m just losing my marbles. I’m going to turn into an eccentric gay spinster. An eccentric, gay, Jewish spinster. Like Caroline Quentin with cats and a higher-pitched voice. Can picture the tragedy now. My Mother hovering over me like a vulture of judgment. Ready to tear me apart at any time.

Massive bonus at work today, though. I overheard Receptionist Boy on the phone to his no-doubt-equally-sexy, cool-and-young friend about going to Mission tonight. Called Aiden and Cath about going tonight as well and Aiden agreed to join me on my mission to Mission to stalk.

Will report back tomorrow. Provided I don’t have too much of a hangover.

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