A Bad Gay’s Diary: 13 January 2016

Jack Thomlinson
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Cigarettes smoked: 12
Alcoholic drinks: 18?
Public embarrassments: 1

Last night’s stalking was a complete and utter embarrassment. But what did I really expect?

Note to self: stalking is creepy, no matter how much you try to kid yourself it’s just due to amorous intentions. It’s just blind luck I cocked it up before I actually started following him round the club, because being thrown out by a bouncer for shadowing young men is not a good move if you’re looking for love. It kinda scares people away.

Aiden and I got really drunk on cocktails before we went to Mission. There’s something called a Zombie which has overproof rum in it. Not good. It does exactly what it suggests. I was like the walking dead.

By the time we arrived I was so drunk that I just wanted to snog someone. Entered the club mouth-first and fixed them to the face of some guy that I’d just met. Apparently I missed Receptionist Boy trying to say hi to me as a result.

All I wanted was to seem nonchalant and interesting when I saw him. Instead I looked like a desperate alcoholic. Story of my life.

Was so hungover at work today that I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Finished the day at home, working my ass off so that I could meet my new clients tomorrow.

I wonder if they’ll think I look like a desperate alcoholic too?

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