The 14 looks that made us fall in love with Ian Thorpe

Daniel Wren

We love Ian Thorpe. There, we’ve said it. But we do. So often LGBT+ magazines fawn all over straight sports stars like they’re the Holy Grail – but this one just came out as gay. So yay us!

While many of us have been placing bets on Ian being queer for a while now, it’s great that he feels he can finally speak openly about his sexuality (not that he should have to, of course, but he sets a good example by doing so).

There are many reasons why we love Ian Thorpe, but here are just a few.

1. His moody look

I mean, he could be a film star . . .


2. His rugged look

Damn. Hotter than Satan’s backside during an aerobics competition.


3. His ‘work uniform’ look

Most of us just get to wear a suit to work. Ian gets to wear a pair of these.

I mean, just check out that body!

5. The contemplative look

I love a man who thinks!

ian thorpe in contemplation

6. The ‘I mean business’ look

Swimmer meets Terminator. He’ll be back.ian_thorpe_wallpaper-1024x768

7. The patriotic look

It makes me want to emigrate!

8. The fashionable look

God damn! He could leave that suit on the whole time . . .

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9. The unimpressed look

Sissy that walk! Girl got sass.

10. The glistening look

Doesn’t he look so innocent here? The bulge in his pants says otherwise, though.

File picture shows Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe walking poolside after 200m freestyle event at Brisbane Aquatic Centre

11. The beardy look

Rub that beard over me like a cheese grater, daddy!ian-thorpe-shirtless-11

13. The wholesome look

You could totally introduce him to mum.Ian-Thorpe-665x385

And the best one yet . . .

14. The cheerful look

Just look at that smile. I’ve officially melted. Just . . . wow!


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