A Bad Gay’s Diary: 15 January 2016

Jack Thomlinson
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Cigarettes smoked: 12
Alcoholic drinks: 3
Man fails: 1

I’m writing this with slight egg on my face. Boss was not stalking me in the toilets it turns out. Just wanted to get me on my own to try and bring me onto a new project. Someone up there’s looking out for me. I’m a pretty lucky bastard to multi-task winning promotion with being such a mess. Maybe this is the kick I need. Pretty excited actually.

Texted Cath, and she picked me up after work to celebrate. As such a fabulous hag, she has a fittingly fabulous car. Unfortunately, as in life, the fabulous often die young.

Having reached about 27 in car years, her retro Mini took the Cobain way out and blew a gasket on the way home. Wasn’t impressed.

Awkward moments spent staring at car on the hard shoulder looking generally ridiculous to the passers by. Have realised I’m not masculine. Not even close. Can’t work wrench. Man failed.

Car’s a bit fucked. Cut the celebration short really. We got towed back into town and cut our losses.

Celebrated with Super Noodles and the leftover alcoholic chocolate my aunt gave me for Christmas. Usually find it grim, but desperate times.

Start work on the new project tomorrow. One step closer to that sky scraper office, as long as I don’t fuck it up.

Repress yourself Jack, repress…

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