Why 2014 Will be Great

Pete Simpson

As the festive season comes to an end, we’ve all over indulged in food, drink, and perhaps too much of the other. It’s a time to sit back and reflect, make resolutions, and promises of a better self for the following 12 months.

So what is going to make 2014 a better year than the last? Here are a few things to look forward to:

Same sex marriage will be legally recognised and ceremonies can be performed from March 29th. Yes it was fabulous news in 2013 that the Queen gave the equal marriage bill Royal Assent, but the only thing better than knowing something is coming, is when it comes, and my friends we haven’t got too much longer to wait.  As someone who had already planned a civil partnership with my boyfriend of 8 years, I can’t wait to have the upgrade and let my day be as equal as my hetero counterparts, another huge step forward in LGBT equality. I’m just glad the bill didn’t suggest one groom in a suit one in a dress, these legs are being shaven for no one.

Cliff Richard has kept his clothes on! Yes, every year my Mum, who is of the certain age to appreciate “classics” such as ‘Living Doll’ and ‘The Young Ones’ loves a Cliff calendar for Christmas. This means when rocking up for the monthly visit to the parent’s house, you are always greeted with a picture of the 73-year-old crooner with his toned abs, 6 pack and smooth chest on show. Well not this year, no thankfully, as disappointing to 70-year-old woman across the planet, Cliff has decided to keep his clothes on and pose the featured images wearing such attire as Cowboy boots and checked shirts, making visits to mums’ houses everywhere a lot more comfortable.

No more leaving your phone at the trade’s house after a drunken debauchery filled night out. This year Apple released iOS7 and two new mobile handsets in the iPhone 5s and 5c, but they must have more up their sleeves than just updating and enhancing their already revolution products? Many a tech prediction for 2014 suggests the iWatch is on its way. An iWatch would be able to do such things as tell the time, track your fitness routines, and make calls from your arm! You’d never need to take it off, therefore reducing the risk of losing your only way of calling your exit strategy once you’ve woken next to the guy you were trying to avoid all night.

Finally, in 2013 we saw itv2 bring back several ‘bands’ that should never have been reunited. The Big Reunion saw the likes of 5ive (who became four), The Honeyz, and B with an asterisks Witched get together, sing a few of their old songs and reaffirm the reasons they departed from the music scene all those years ago. 2014 though is a different story, one of the greatest 90s girl groups are getting back together, yes, Eternal. The best news of all is, Louise Redknapp will be joining them too, and maybe she’ll even throw in one of her solo songs, after all who doesn’t love a little bit of ‘Naked’?

So grab a glass of Bucks Fizz, raise it up and toast to the new year. Eternal playing at your same sex wedding while wearing your iWatch and receiving Cliff Richard as your wedding gift, yes my friends, it will be a good year.

About Pete Simpson

Pete is a 20 year old (and some) guy who describes himself as a social entrepreneur. He is an LGBT charity trustee and was voted best dressed male 2004 at sixth form college. Often found with a beer, in Birmingham, London or Milton Keynes. Twitter @cardboardcakes