Top 5… reasons to watch How to Get Away with Murder

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Shonda Rhimes does it again. She brings diversity to the screens in the form of a smart and addictive legal thriller.

Step 1) Discredit the witness.
Step 2) Find a new suspect.
Step 3) Bury the evidence.

Rules that the Criminal Law professor Annalise Keating advises her students to follow if they want to win a case. She and her students end up having to apply practical knowledge from the course when they become entangled in a murder plot.

1. Viola Davis.

She plays the Criminal Law professor Annalise Keating. She is brilliant, she is incredibly seductive and has a commanding on-screen presence. Its great to see another female black lead on the television screen. In general it feels like finally there is a show which reflects the diverseness of its audience. Though I’ve yet to see a bisexual Muslim on there ;).

viola 1

2. The normalisation of gay relationships.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen something which doesn’t make a big deal out of gay relationships. And look at how gay law student Connor Walsh gets down!

viola 2

3. Shonda Rhimes

If you like Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy you’ll love this. It promises to be a beautiful disaster from start to finish.

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viola 3

4. Wes Gibbins

Played by Alfred Enoch (who also played the role of Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter films). He’s such a loveable and relatable character. From the first episode when he gets picked on in the class to answer a question he does not know the answer to, he wins our hearts.

viola 4

5. The Title

Let’s be honest we’ve all wondered how we could get away with murder (or is that just me?). Whether it’s planning to murder our bosses or exes, what better way to scare them than to invite them over to watch How to Get Away with Murder?

viola 5

And did we mention Viola Davis?

viola 6

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