A Bad Gay’s Diary: 9 January 2016

Jack Thomlinson
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Cigarettes smoked: 2
Alcoholic drinks: 8
Games of Articulate won: 1

Got up early to get to Mother’s for post-NY party and games night. Cath came with me for moral support. Frankly, I needed it – but soon discovered she needed my moral support too.

Conversation with Mother went something like this:

‘When will you get a nice young man on your arm?’

‘I don’t know, Mother.’

‘Where have you been looking? Because Sandra’s son says he found his local Jewish Gay Group very helpful.’

‘I don’t do groups, Mother. They’re for people who need therapy.’

‘Well I saw on TV that there’s this app – it’s called Grindr!’

‘Mother! I am not talking to you about Grindr!’

‘Why ever not?’

Mother clearly has no concept of propriety.

Cath, meanwhile, was terrorised by a similar line of questioning.

‘When are you going to get a nice young man on your arm, Catherine?’

‘I don’t know, Jane.’

‘Where have you been looking? Because Sandra’s daughter says she found her local Shul’s Singles Night very helpful.’

‘Thanks, Jane, but I’m a humanist.’

‘Do they not do relationships, then?’

Still, ironically enough, we won at Articulate.

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