Watch Aderonke’s Campaign Video for Asylum in the UK

Amy Ashenden

47-year-old Aderonke has been fighting to be granted asylum in the UK for ten years. She was outed and avoided prison only by paying a bribe to Nigerian police. Aderonke, who has been sentenced to death by stoning and also faces 14 years in prison, has now released a video appealing for help.

“Every day is full of uncertainty,” she told me in an interview for LGBT History Month magazine. “The people of Nigeria take the law into their own hands and carry out ‘jungle justice’.” She has also received death threats.

Hoping to gain asylum seeker status in the UK in order to remain safe and continue living with her girlfriend – to whom she is engaged – Aderonke is campaigning. The petition is steadily gaining support, including from Peter Tatchell. Now with over 22,000 signatures, Aderonke is asking for your help too. Watch the video and demand #AsylumforAderonke.


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