All the Reasons Why Wearing Glasses Helped My Confidence Bloom

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Peter tells us about how his glasses make him a superhero.

Have you seen many celebs wearing glasses? So have I. I look nothing like them, with or without the specs.

I do, however, live and have lived in Australia for the majority of my life, surrounded by gorgeous queer people who have mastered the art of turning a basic pair or eyewear into an accessory and a conversation piece at the same time – and often effortlessly so.

I also struggled for a long time to discover how those people managed to accomplish so much with so little, and how a flaw such as poor vision can become a road to better self-expression.

After years of hating those people, I’ve learned to love them, and here’s how that single change of heart has also changed my self-esteem.

Balancing form and function

Being literally forced to wear glasses at young age, I’ve developed a natural dislike towards them. It’s like pegging someone an obnoxious jerk without ever saying hello to them in the first place.

The very first time I was told I’d need glasses in order to improve my quality of life, I resented them. Over time, upon seeing people around me have fun with different frames, and play with colours and shapes, I’ve realized that function can indeed be complemented by form and beauty.

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I have discovered a way to turn wearing glasses into a fashion statement, like how so many have done before me. I’ve found that the classic nerd-like square shape suits me perfectly, but the slightly round edges work well with a dash of bold colors – and having a few pairs on-hand makes it easy to express my mood.

Taking some control has helped me embrace the beauty of another accessory. If I am to wear them, I will make the most of it!

Reshaping perception and self-perception

Once I started seeing this as an opportunity rather than a setback, wearing glasses became a pleasure.

Now it’s a chance to shop for something with a purpose, keep myself in good health, and stay stylish as hell.

My one-stop shop for all things concerning my glasses and my sight has been the 1001 Optical store – not just for their diverse frame selection (which has made my outfits all the more authentic, by the way), but for their expert optometrists as well. There’s something comforting about knowing that professionals are taking care of your needs every step of the way.

In a sense, taking care of your eyesight is as vital as taking care of every other aspect of your health. It’s a crucial part of your hygiene, and developing a sense of self-care in this respect has helped me develop other healthy habits and respect my body more.

Quality of life

Did I mention just how wonderful it is to be able to read the fine print at the bottom of a research paper, or notice the freckles on someone’s cheeks?

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No more blurry subtitles at a foreign film festival, or straining my eyes until I earn a headache to discern simple words on a page.

Simply being able to do something without painful consequences is more than enough to put things in perspective.

And to be able to do so with a simple accessory, and a mighty stylish one at that? Beyond amazing.

Even when I reach a style-wall, if you will, being unable to choose a suitable pair for an event, I remind myself that whichever pair I choose will grant me a super-power in the form of sharp vision, and a flawlessly classy look.

Plus, wearing glasses draws attention to my eyes and my cheekbones, making them the perfect add-on to bring out my finest features. LGBT culture has caught on to the allure of guys in glasses – which is a perfect confidence booster!

They bring out your character

You’d be surprised just how much a simple pair of eyewear can make a difference in your entire look.

I’ve noticed that they make me feel more comfortable voicing my opinions in business meetings, and they give me a handy accessory to fiddle with during presentation to soothe my anxiety. Call it a trick of the mind or an illusion, but they’ve actually served as a mirror into some of the finest parts of who I am.

My glasses are my cape. They not only allow me to see the world clearly, but they also help me see myself clearly. They have served as a shield from the world in many an unpleasant conversation, and have helped me appreciate my appearance on a whole new level.

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