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Andrea Williams, who heads the homophobic pressure group Christian Concern, has criticised the Church of England for what she perceives as pro-gay rhetoric. I find Andrea Williams and her views disturbing. I hadn’t come across her before. She’s young and pretty. She likes cerise lipstick, blouses in pastel shades and has a tanned complexion. She doesn’t look like a fascist. Bigots clearly do come in all shapes and sizes!

Jesus’ message is one of love and inclusion. Andrea Williams is all about repression and hatred. She thinks the Church of England should be teaching ‘repentance of homosexual practice’. She also refers to ‘same-sex attraction’, which is the creepy term used by ‘gay cure’ groups in the US.

Andrea Williams seeks to challenge the acceptance of LGBT people within the Church of England and re-open old wounds. Same-sex marriage remains controversial within the Church of England, although as a recent YouGov poll showed, same-sex marriage is accepted by the younger portion of the congregation.

Andrea Williams does not represent the views of most young women within the Church of England. My experience of worshipping in Church of England churches has been positive. The congregation at St John’s, the church I attend in Waterloo, has been very accepting of my sexuality and my HIV status.

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I hope LGBT people are not too discouraged by Andrea Williams’ comments. Christian Concern often resorts to hyperbole, comparing same-sex marriage to terrorism. I would question whether Andrea Williams and Christian Concern should even be represented at Synod.

Andrea Williams is using faith to reinforce her own homophobic views. She should concentrate on her own spiritual journey, rather than interfering in that of others.

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