Anna Phylactic chats Marriott and Pride

Adam Lowe

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Ambassador finalist, founding member of The Family Gorgeous, notable icon of the #manchesterqueens scene and face of The Molly House mural and now the Marriott, has been playing concierge across the country for pride season. We caught up with Anna at Glasgow’s fabulous Marriott Hotel, and chatted about holiday essentials, interesting hotel guests and just how packed her diary is…

How is it to work for one of the world’s biggest hotel brands? What was the best thing about being a concierge?

I’d say the best thing about being a concierge was travelling to all the different cities and meeting lots of interesting people staying! It was also pretty amazing to get to stay at the Marriott – they really did look after me!

I’m sad its over. I’m going to suggest they go to more cities next year!

I suppose you’ve met all kinds of interesting characters working the doors in nightclubs. How did working as a concierge compare?

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I met a variety of interesting characters on my travels! I met everyone from Lorraine Bowen from Britain’s Got Talent to Kelly Wilde.

I guess the nicest experience was meeting an ex-army officer now in his 70s with his wife in Liverpool. They came over and were chatting for a very long time!

Apparently, he has a newfound love of drag queens and they attend a lot of LGBT events together. They had recently spent a weekend in Amsterdam too sampling the cafes. It was very refreshing! I think the world is definitely changing!

How is working a hotel different to working a club?

The early starts! Getting up at 7am and putting on your face is a challenge when you’re used to going to bed at that time. I’m more a creature of the night than a morning person.

Also, I guess everyone I encounter at a nightclub is expecting a drag queen on the door and is predominantly LGBT, whereas some Marriott customers probably weren’t expecting a drag queen greeting them as they stumbled down to breakfast! But I think that’s great!

I really had to prep my knowledge in each city for events in case people wanted some advice on what to do and where to go. I had be prepared to carry some bags, too, in case people wanted some help with luggage!

Luckily I had an actual concierge with me in each city, and they seemed to respect the fact I was wearing silly heels, so I never actually got asked.

If you could visit anywhere in the world for pride, where would it be and why?

Perhaps New York? Sydney?

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Perhaps the Marriott should do a drag queen concierge world tour…?!

What five essentials would you have in your suitcase?

Hairspray. Bobby pins. fan. Phone charger. Gin … erm, am I only allowed five? This list doesn’t include my wigs and drag does it? If so I’ll have to reconsider…

What’s on the horizon for Anna Phylactic?

Ooooh, shes very busy dear! Cha Cha Boudoir is getting bigger and more popular and we are taking the Boudoir on a tour! We’ve also got some great drag acts coming over to The Library in Manchester at Taurus, which i’m very very excited about.

I’m off to London with The Family Gorgeous and working with The Family Fierce again For The Queerest of the Queer Festival. I’m also off to Leeds to support Latrice Ryale for Klub Kids.

There are all kinds of exciting projects in the pipeline! I’m a veritable whirl with it all!

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