New York Times Publishes ‘Attack on Equality’

Jake Basford

Alison Klayman of the New York Times has released a video on YouTube highlighting how New York, supposedly one of the safest places for gay people to be, is still a place where homophobic hate-crime occurs.

The video, featuring Nick Porto and Kevin Atkins of Project Runway discussing their attack in May, explains how the fight for equality is not over, just because the battle for same-sex marriage (in some places) has been won.

Nick and Kevin both moved to New York to get into fashion and both work as designers, but the details of their assault includes how Nick had to reset his broken nose in the street as people videotaped it on their phones. The investigation into it is still on-going, and more have occurred in the same neighbourhood.

New York, the setting for TV shows like Will & Grace, has always been attributed with being positive to equal rights, but, as explained in the video, attacks still happen around the corner from where the Stonewall riots happened, and the start of the LGBT rights movement began.

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