“I’m not 100% Straight” says Peeta

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BREAKING NEWS: I’m not 100% straight! Or rather, Josh Hutcherson (aka Peeta in The Hunger Games) thinks that 100% means ruling out possibility. In an interview with OUT magazine, the US version of GT or Attitude (or Vada one day), Josh said that he couldn’t say that he wouldn’t fall in love with a person of the same gender, because love is love. Even entertaining this idea is a big step for rising young actors, especially when there are sure to be gay/bisexual/queer actors who are playing it straight in real life for fear of losing their career before it starts.

Thanks to an increasing number of celebrities “admitting” or “revealing” themselves to be bisexual; both those words are too sensationalist for my liking, there is a sense that the world at large is taking notice of the spectrum, rather than just the sides, of sexuality and gender identity. The hope is that this public discussion trickles down to the youth that will eventually inhabit the world. With social media and the web in general at the fingertips of (increasingly younger and younger) people, lessons aren’t simply learned from teachers or parents, teenagers are able to find out about things that would otherwise be hidden from them; for better or worse.

Assumption has met with facts on both sides of the “must be gay/straight” spectrum, people from Andy Dick to Drew Barrymore, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong to Alan Cumming has said that they are bisexual. Regardless of how they were perceived to be, they have all chosen to state their sexuality, and I’m pretty sure none have said that they are just confused. With each one finding a partner to share a life with they haven’t becoming gay, or straight, just because they are in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship.

As I’ve always and hoped, and aspired to achieve, there is a treatment of bisexual characters in TV and film that portrays bisexuality as another legitimate sexuality, namely through Revenge’s Nolan Ross who has over the seasons flipped and flopped with a series of beautiful men and women, even Glee had the wonderfully innocent bisexual in Brittany; though she preferred to think of herself as a bi-(uni)corn.

Here’s hoping that there will be more celebrities and people in general to find that they have an identity that isn’t just ruled by what can sometimes be seen as the more obvious choices.

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